• Mr. Chris Bradford

    Mr. Chris Bradford, Marketing Director for Wood Coatings, AkzoNobel, bares his heart on upcoming LIGNA, new products, European market and lot more.

  • Alexander Leutner

    Wood & Panel gets up and personal with Mr. Alexander Leutner, Vice President of Berndorf Band GmbH.

  • Jens Schulz

    On the occasion of WMS Canada, Wood & Panel got a chance to take a shot of purple, right with the President of Leuco Tool Corporation, Jens Schulz. Know more on their presence in the show, AirFace system, plastic processing and more. Read on.

  • Mr. Joerg F Mayer

    On the floors of LIGNA 2017, Wood & Panel had the privilege of speaking to Mr. Joerg F Mayer, Managing Director of Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG, about his company’s participation at LIGNA, their latest Magis, the most talked about F45, their expansion plans and lot more.

  • Jürgen Köppel

    In conversation with Jürgen Köppel, CEO, Leitz

  • Bernd Bielfeldt

    During LIGNA, Wood & Panel has the chance to interact with the who’s who of the industry, Dirk Eisenmann and Bernd Bielfeldt of Dieffenbacher being two of them. Read their take on the new layout, the company’s vision and lot more.

  • Staffan Karlsson

    Staffan Karlsson, Global marketing Manager of Sandvik Process Systems, bares his heart on their high quality steel belts, European market, global services of Sandvik and lot more. Read On.

  • Rene Pankoke

    Dr. Rene Pankoke, CEO and President of Hymmen, discusses about the company’s various product lines, its strengths and future market expansions. Know more.

  • Jürgen Köppel

    On the ocassion of LIGNA Preview, Wood & Panel had the opportunity to interact with Jürgen Köppel, the CEO of Leitz. Read on:

  • Christian Pfeiffer

    Christian Pfeiffer, Global Director LIGNA & Woodworking Events, Deutsche Messe speaks to Wood & Panel Europe on the floors of Magna Expomueblera on their acquisition, Mexican woodworking industry, upcoming LIGNA and lot more.

  • Jürgen Hauger

    Wood & Panel gets up and personal with Jürgen Hauger, Head of Sales of the VOLLMER Group, Read More.

  • Hansjörg Felder

    Wood & Panel gets up, close and personal with Hansjörg Felder, the CEO of Felder Group, as he talks about the group’s 60th anniversary, latest range of planers, the software, the current market and lot more. Read on:

  • Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas, Sales Area Manager, Cefla Middle East FZE speaks to Wood & Panel on the current market, the latest iGiotto Twin X2, Fusion and Inert Coating Technology, association with Henkel and a lot more at the show floors of Xylexpo.

  • Jan Hassan

    Jan Hassan, PR and Marketing of Pollmeier has spoken to us on various issues related to the company, market strategies, product developments, innovations of wood based panels and flooring and more.

  • Ebru Manav

    In a candid conversation with us, Ebru Manav, Marketing and Product Manager of Henkel IMEA Region bares her heart on product developments, market strategies, researches and more.

  • Roberto Bolognini

    In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel Europe, Roberto Bolognini, Sales Manager, Cefla Finishing Group speaks on their presence in Germany, their latest range of technologies, iGiotto app, on the upcoming Xylexpo and more. Read on.

  • Bernhard Fox

    Face to face with Mr. Bernhard Fox, Product Manager, Leuco, Germany at the Nuremberg Holz-Handwerk show in Nuremberg. Watch the video to know more on the current market of Leuco, the latest range of saw blades, online catalogue and lot more.

  • Wolfgang Hormuth

    Wolfgang Hormuth, Vice President, Industrial Adhesives, Kleiberit speaks to Wood & Panel Europe on HotCoating Technology, polyurethane hotmelts and more at Holz-Handwerk show in Nuremberg.

  • Gregor Baumbusch

    In an exclusive interview at Holz-Handwerk, Nuremberg, Germany, Mr. Gregor Baumbusch, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Michael Weinig AG.

  • Jens Fandrey

    In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel, Jens Fandrey, the Project Manager for Hot Coating Technology, Kleiberit, speaks on the merits of using the technology in flooring, the technology being the main success driver in Europe and lot more, right from the floors of Domotex, Hannover. Read on.

  • Joerg F. Mayer

    In conversation with Joerg F. Mayer, the Managing Director of Wilhelm Altendorf GmbH & Co. KG, from the floors of WoodTech India, Chennai

  • Gregor Baumbusch

    Wood & Panel Europe had the privilege of speaking to Gregor Baumbusch, the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, MICHAEL WEINIG AG and gain first-hand knowledge of these innovative technologies. Read his take on Industry 4.0, smart machines and brand building- right from the floors of LIGNA!

  • Wolfgang Pöschl

    In the recent LIGNA Preview, Wolfgang Pöschl (CEO, Weinig AG) speaks to us on Technology Offensive, the last inTech, the company’s participation in LIGNA, future course of action and much more. Excerpts from the conversation:

  • Jürgen Köppel

    Jürgen Köppel, Member of the Board-Sales, Service and Marketing, Homag Group speaks to us on the upcoming LIGNA, smart machines, lightweight construction and most importantly the service- right on the floors of LIGNA Preview. Here is the replica.

  • Raphael Prati

    In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel, at the recent LIGNA Preview, Raphael Prati, the Director of Marketing and Communication, Biesse Group speaks to us on the company’s plan for the upcoming LIGNA, Industry 4.0, smart machines, new office and much more.

  • Lorenzo Primultini

    Wood & Panel Europe in a candid conversation with Lorenzo Primultini, President, ACIMALL discusses the just concluded Xylexpo, the comeback of the major companies and Italian woodworking industry in general. Here is the replica.

  • Rainer Kampwerth

    Rainer Kampwerth, Sales Manager, Surface Treatment Products, PUR-HotCoating, Kleiberit speaks to us right from the floors of Xylexpo on HotCoating, the technology, and future course of action from Kleiberit! Stay updated.

  • Ashok D’Souza

    Ashok D’Souza, Head of Operations, Altendorf India Pvt Ltd shared his views on the Woodtech India 2014 and the Indian market

  • Mr. Stefano Benedetti

    Mr. Stefano Benedetti, VP Marketing & Sales, shares with us a detailed insight about the present industry scenario:

  • Santino Buresta

    Wood & Panel Europe: In coversation with Santino Buresta, Regional Sales Director, Cefla Finishing Group

  • Ronald Weber

    GRASS has been talk of the town for quite sometime for its remarkeable contribution to the industry. Recently GRASS has secured a fourth Red Dot Award for its innovation with Vionaro. In an exclusive interview with us, Ronald Weber, Chairman of the GRASS Executive Board, spoke to us about its success and also his views on the present market situations:

  • Tushar Tandel

    Tushar Tandel, Diector, Sales, Felder Woodworking Machines Pvt Ltd, India, spoke to us on the emerging India market right from the floors of Woodtech India.

  • Hemant D. Kurle

    Hemant D. Kurle, India Sales Manager of Biesse, gave us an insight to the future plans of 2014 and its participation in Wootech India 2014. Read on to know more.

  • Umberto Meroni

    Mr. Umberto Meroni, the Technical Director and Energy Manager, Fantoni Group speaks to us on Berndorf Bands. Here is the replica.

  • Raphaël Prati

    In an exclusive interview with Raphaël Prati, Corporate Marketing and Communications Director, Biesse SpA gave us a detailed insight.

  • Mr. Ralf Olsen

    During interzum Cologne 2011, International Committee of Decorative Laminates Industry (ICDLI) presented a laminates gallery to the world. Some of the most intrinsic pieces of laminates were on display for thousands of awestruck participants at interzum. Mr Ralf Olsen, Secretary General, ICDLI, shared his insight on the diverse range of products and the industry.

  • Walid Farghal

    On the venue of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Woodshow, we had a chance to speak to Walid Farghal, Director General, Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions regarding the event that was launched under the banner of Woodshow and the other related industry issues.

  • Alexander Prokisch

    Head of Communication, Homag Group, has spoken to us on numerous issues related to the company, its strategies for 2012, latest technologies, the market and a lot more.

  • Wolfgang Steib

    The furniture manufacturing sector is brimming with hope for fruitful times in the New Year. Kitchen furnishings sector, which trends an inevitable popularity with changing concepts of the modern day living area, shows an optimistic picture too. Ahead of the EuroCucina, a major biennial show for the kitchen sector, to be held in Italy held from April 17-22 at the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho, Wolfgang Steib, Member of the Management Board, Hettich, elucidates on trends and scope of the industry while briefing about his company’s current stance in the sector.

  • Mikko Vesterinen

    Modern methods use high grade machines for peeling purposes. What was earlier a painstaking process carried out manually can now be done conveniently using machines. Mikko Vesterinen, Raute Technology Manager of Peeling and log handling, explains the intricacies of modern veneer production in a conversation with us. Here’s the conversation in detail

  • Andrea Novello

    Andrea Novello, Sales manager of Caselli Group in conversation with us giving insights about the industry and the company.

  • Stefan Krebs

    Stefan Krebs, Head of Marketing, Schelling Anlagenbau GmbH has spoken to us on various issues. Read on the interview

  • Ulrike Sattler

    Ulrike Sattler, Project Manager of Marketing, EGGER Retail, talks to us about the current status of EGGER and its future plans.

  • Michael Carus

    CEO, Division Head Renewable Raw Materials / Market Research, nova-Institut GmbH

  • Dr. Olaf Plümer

    Dr. Olaf Plümer, CEO igeL, the lightweight panel association, talks about the lightweight panels industry.

  • Mrs. Daw Khin Marla

    Mrs. Daw Khin Marla, the Director, Nat Ray Co. Ltd, importer of high quality home and office furnishing and life style products speaks to us during FurniPro Asia and enlightens us about Myanmar. Read on.

  • John Kissock

    John Kissock OBE, Chair of the Scottish Forest and Timber Technologies Advisory Group (SFTTAG) educates on the forest and more specifically timber industries in Scotland by answering queries about it. SFTTAG advises Scottish enterprise and Government on matters relating to sustainable economic development and opportunities provided by the forest & timber industries in the country.

  • Dr. Jochen Köckler

    Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Managing Board, Deutsche Messe has spoken to us about the most awaited event of the year- LIGNA 2013.

  • Mr. Sumit Sharma

    With just a few months to go for LIGNA, we get to speak to Sumit Sharma, the Regional Manager, VDMA, North India Office. VDMA is the co-organiser of LIGNA. He talks to us on the liaison between the Indian industries and VDMA. Here is the replica.

  • Prof. Maximilian Ober

    Prof. Maximilian Ober, faculty of wood technology, Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences has shared his expertise on the surfaces.

  • Bill Dearing

    Bill Dearing, President of North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA), shares his insight on the current scenario of the market and the possibilities of it in the coming days.

  • Jacquelyn Clair

    Jacquelyn Clair, Account Executive and Social Media Strategist at Marketing Design Group, has been involved in Social Media Marketing in both US and Europe since 2005. As new media gained traction in the marketplace, Clair was tasked to lead a strategic review of the emerging platforms, defining a program of change for the company’s new product roadmap. At MDG she has launched and consulted on new media ventures ranging from large consumer campaigns and targeted B2B campaigns to strategies for small businesses. She shares her insight on the phenomenon with us.

  • John A. Courson

    John A. Courson, who took over as the president and CEO of HBI, on January 1, 2012 gives in about the association’s working.

  • John Henderson

    John Henderson of the John Henderson & Company of Las Vegas is the recently elected President of the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (WMIA). Henderson has been honored with a huge responsibility which was earlier entrusted to David Rothwell.

    During his two year term Henderson has to address some decisive issues and adapt to the new trends. While sharing his recent experiences the WMIA President elaborates on issues pertaining to the association, industry and its paraphernalia.

  • Rusty Swindoll

    To provide a better understanding on the matter we got Rusty Swindoll, Assistant Technical Training Director at the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to answers some queries pertaining to Brazilian hardwood flooring. NWFA is an organization which thrives to advance and promote the wood flooring industry. Here’s the conversation:

  • Roderick Wiles

    On the outset of Delhiwood – the fair held to promote the North Indian woodworking industry, Roderick Wiles, AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) Director for Africa, Middle East, India and Oceania, talked to us regarding the Indian market and AHEC’s strategy for expansion. Here we replicate:

  • Joan Kemp

    Joan Kemp, the President of AWFS shares her ideas clarifying to the questions we asked pertaining to the upcoming fair.

  • Dr Tomas Joscak

    Dr Tomas Joscak, CEO of Dascanova , has spoken to us on various issues related to the company, financial strategies, its research and development of wood based panels and lot more.

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