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In a candid conversation with Mr. YI ZHU, Chairman & CEO, Schattdecor (Shanghai) China, focuses on marketing strategies in China and price strategies essential for the German manufacturers in the Asian market and lot more from interzum Guangzou 2019.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your presence in China
We have been in China already for more than 18 years so we already have the thinking feasibility in Shanghai, and our physical presence in shanghai. We are operating business here, and from Shanghai we cater to the whole Chinese market and also to the Asian market.
woodandpaneleurope So in this regard, tell us about the demand of the German design in China.
German design of-course is a very good design and the Asian as well as Chinese people they like the German design. On the other hand since the cultures are different, the Asian people and the Chinese people also like their own design as well. So we are doing our design mostly from Germany and also in Shanghai. We are also making our designs local as well.
woodandpaneleurope Talking about China, how do you cope up with the price strategy here compared to the German market?
In China and Asia, everyone is talking about price and for us, we must have a balance in the price. As a German company we can provide very good quality, high quality product, on the other hand we are facing very strong competition in China, so we have to adapt to the marketing strategy and price strategy and also provide products in the competitive price. So, it may be said that good quality at a good price to be made available in the local Chinese market.
woodandpaneleurope You were there in the 20 Plus 20 awarding ceremony, can you tell us what make this digital printing paper, what makes the Schattdecor paper so unique?
So we have a digital printing process- a new world, it’s a new channel so a lot of fantasy. Normally, Schattdecor is very famous for the wood pattern as a future of printing provide us with fantasies, we can also print digitally a lot of fantasy design which is very new and we are promoting such new digital medium as well in the new Chinese market
woodandpaneleurope Now that you are here at the interzum show, what makes you select interzum each time and what is special about this edition?
We have been participating in interzum for past ten years, from the very beginning, and for us it was always a great pleasure to come here and present our new designs to the customers. On the other hand we can also meet a lot of potential customers and also meet new customers. So it’s good to be in China and it’s a good opportunity for us. And we want to continue coming to the interzum in Guangzhou because as a leading company in this industry we should be present here. We should also show our flag here.
woodandpaneleurope What are the plans and programmes for 2019?
We are very successful in China and Asia and we are already planning to set up a new company in Nanjing which is 500 kms far from Shanghai. We will establish a new factory there. It will be operational in May.

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