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Raphaël Prati

Raphaël Prati

Raphaël Prati, Communication Director, Biesse speaks to Apratim Ghoshal, editor-in-chief, Wood & Panel on the occasion of Xylexpo International Press Conference held on February 18 at Milan, Italy. He updates on the current state of woodworking industry and the Biesse’s presence in Xylexpo and lot more.

woodandpaneleurope Xylexpo is a celebration of Italian design. Being one of the pioneers of Italian woodworking industry, how would you define the current state of Italian Industry?

Raphaël Prati: I would say that the Italian manufacturers, Biesse in particular, is playing a leading role in the innovation process of the companies worldwide. Not only from the mechanical and software side, but actually through the Biesse solution we have the possibility to make our customers grow and become more and more of a digital manufacturing plant. Not only for the big companies, I am also taking about the smaller companies wishing to take the advantage of that opportunity.

woodandpaneleurope Where do you place yourself when it comes to Xylexpo’s main focus for 2020 which is production 4.0?
Raphaël Prati: As I was mentioning, we think that there are a lot of opportunities that we develop for the bigger industries that can be downsized for the smaller shops as well. We do not want the smaller shops to be scared about digitalization. Digitalization is something they should not be scared of. It is something that can be very straightforward. If you have, for example, a smart phone- it is a very complex device but through the software and the user experience you can actually make it very easy to be used and you have a huge potential in your hand. It does not remain only a phone anymore, it’s a camera, it is a mic, it is in fact a plenty of things. The same thing happens with the digitalization of the furniture industry, production can become very straightforward and easy to be managed and developed.
woodandpaneleurope Do you feel automation and digitization is accepted by Italian manufacturer and Italian industry very easily?
Raphaël Prati: Yeah definitely, not only from the Italian manufacturers and brands but actually also at a global level. Again, there are huge potential there to be developed, if you talk about the smaller companies that we can teach and bring up to become a digitalized factory. It’s not only a matter of performance of a machine. Education plays a big role in that process.
woodandpaneleurope Can we expect some new product in Xylexpo from the brand Biesse?
Raphaël Prati: Yes, there are a few projects coming but actually the concept that we will present is going to be very new. So, it’s the possibility to do the management of a complete spectrum not only big plant but also smaller shops and we are going to show that building an actual shop on the Xylexpo floor.
woodandpaneleurope What are your expectations from Xylexpo 2020?
Raphaël Prati: It’s the most important investment Biesse is putting in place this year. It is the opportunity for us to bring the latest novelties. It is also the possibility for us to let everybody being there realise the value of the Biesse products and the value of our brand. It is not only a matter of awareness; it’s a matter of reputation and I am sure that each person walking in our booth will have that feeling that Biesse is the right partner for their business development.

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