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Omar Mustafa

Omar Mustafa

In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel, Omar Mustafa, from Business Development, Blum enlightened us on the productivity, technology, presence in Indian market, 2020 marketing strategies and more. Read on.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your presence in Indian Market?
Omar Mustafa: We have been in the Indian market for more than 25 years now and I see an exponential growth from Day 1. Right now the scenario looks like we share almost one third of the market with the premium brands and we just don’t stop there. We hope to go further with sharing a great chunk of revenue along with Haefele in India. I think, we have positioned ourselves as one of the premium brands in India and people have very well accepted us in most of the parts and we are trying to penetrate into the two or three new cities as well.

woodandpaneleurope What are you primarily showcasing here at the show?
Omar Mustafa: Blum’s focus and industry’s focus is towards the manufacturers. We are giving importance and focus towards the manufacturers, hence we have displayed everything what we can offer to our manufacturers, right from the designing and planning tool and we have our installation and drilling tools. We have developed our own app where we have installation and technical guidelines. We have the templates which are handy and can be carried everywhere in the backpack of the carpenter or the manufacturers, of course.


We have displayed two products, but yes our main focus is OEM and to strengthen the sector of OEM and the manufacturers in this IndiaWood. I think we have been successful in tapping many manufactures and educating them on what other services to be offered apart from the products.

woodandpaneleurope How has been the response from this edition of IndiaWood?
Omar Mustafa: The response is very good because there are really a few companies, who is into hardcore manufacturers and sales, who provides extra service; and that’s where our company stands out from its competition. Believe me, we have only three product line to sell and touchwood, we are doing well. With these three products, we offer multiple services to cater to the customers who buy our products. Like I mentioned earlier, we have many other services, so there are many customers. Let’s say for a new type manufactures, we offer a designing tool free of cost. Now, he would start with this software and this software can be integrated into any designing software if you already using it. Let’s say, if he further develops a better OEM or manufactures, instead of buying and investing on heavy duty machines, he can start slowly by our machines which starts from only a lakh rupees. Now, we have many customers, who are loyal to our services and use only our products. For them, it can benefit a lot. So, in short, if I have to say, when they see that we have offered many things other than what we are selling completely free of charge, they get very excited and very happy that the company is doing so much for them.

woodandpaneleurope What are the marketing strategies going forward in 2020?
Omar Mustafa: Blum and Haefele are the most premium brands in India. If you want the best, Haefele-Blum is the stop. Now, as we have already attained that, the difficult part is to maintain. We are doing every measure to maintain the brand. And also, this year onwards, we are planning to cater to the end-users. So our marketing strategy has always been B2B where everyone in the industry knows who Haefele and who the Blum is. But, now we are trying to focus to the end-users and trying to generate the response from the end-users. So, our reach would be to B2C henceforth.

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