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Jozsef Kuthy

Jozsef Kuthy

Jozsef Kuthy, General Manager Stiles Machinery in Mexico speaks to Apratim Ghoshal, editor-in-chief, Wood & Panel on MEM Industrial, the Mexican market, the company’s strategies and lot more.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us how was 2019 for you and what do you expect from this MEM industrial 2020?

Jozsef Kuthy: The last year was low due to the economical situation here in Mexico. Our expectations are going forward we still expect that this will be a complicated year. However, it started good towards the end of the year 2019, especially in November- December, so we can expect more during the closing months. We are positive and we will do our best but we think we will have a challenging year.

woodandpaneleurope Ok, in terms of new technologies CNC and edgebanding, what are your most priorities?
Jozsef Kuthy: We have covered this huge scope of scholarship and education in the woodworking industry so we have been challenged by the market. Thus we love to put our various skills to improve education in the Mexican market as our stand point. So we are actually moving in little steps backwards, and instead of bringing more technologies, we are showing more education to our customers; doing more advisory and consultation. Because of the potential of the market in this moment we are reinforcing our service in the department including reconstruction area and we are thinking also and going also not only in the big industry but also trying to put the same even in smaller industry to make them grow, be there in education but also in equipment, machinery and technology.
woodandpaneleurope Are you organizing any workshop or in-house shows in Mexico?
Jozsef Kuthy: At the moment no, we have a huge facility prepared in Charlottle, North Carolina. We are doing seminar consisting of two days, one day concentrated more on board and the second day is concentrated in solid wood. We have made small, medium and large production source and we involve people from the segment from suppliers -glue, boards, tapes, covers, coating and what we make is actually a seminar that is basically makes a skilful manager. What we have noted in the past year, that this is a good starting point, we have the demand of the digital assistance. Fortunately what we have seen is only the good comments from the organization. We make conferences and then the demonstration of the production source and thus we open the door for the customer to talk with the specialized professional not only from our machines and our equipment, but also from the suppliers and in the end, we must work together.
woodandpaneleurope Well if I ask you about the technology like in different sectors which one is the most popular and successful in the Mexican market?
Jozsef Kuthy: Actually the biggest segment will be considered by the board, and the panel saws or sliding table machines from small size to mid size production. Then there will be the edgebanders also from varying from mid size banding and mowing which means from the manual drilling machines, semi automatics and full CNC drilling machines. We discovered that there have been a lot of very economical CNC machines trying to promote nested cutting technology and what they have made is that they have corrupted the market proposing machine that doesn’t have a capability to do proper nesting cutting and at the end they have mis-educated the market. The customers have lost their interest in nested cutting because they think this is not a proper way to do. Well, on the contrary this has increased productivity and production.
woodandpaneleurope We have seen always that the after sale service is more difficult and interesting to the customer while buying a machine or a brand. So what is the motive of Stiles Machinery regarding after sale service?
Jozsef Kuthy: We consider the after sale service as our priority. Every time you have a low new machine market you need to enforce the services at a priority. It seems the main idea of the company is to promote the main service, so what we are doing is that actually at the show, is, instead of taking machines because in our show we know that we are reaching different type of people and they have varied capacity of investment. This year we proposed to make a different show and bring our service team as the primary team to the expertise. And I will tell you also that we are trying to promote in Mexico. We have seen that many times people in Mexico will try to put or keep their machines in very bad condition. So we are here to rebuild parts and sections of the machine. Building the part and changing the machine will make the service faster and more reliable as you have a consistency of a part we built.

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