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Angelika Weidling

Angelika Weidling

Angelika Weidling from Vauth Sagel speaks to Wood & Panel on the current strategies adopted by the company to fight COVID-19. Read on

What internal precautions have Vauth Sagel taken so far?


Angelika Weidling: Vauth Sagel has adapted its working methods to the current situation and implemented the health and safety regulations required by the government. All surfaces are disinfected several times a day. Sanitizers are available everywhere. The administrative employees were distributed to the offices in such a way that there is sufficient distance between them. The workers at the machines work with sufficient distance to each other anyway. Thanks to the measures taken, we can continue working almost as usual.


What about the supply chain? How are you addressing the challenges?


Angelika Weidling: Fortunately, we mainly work with regional suppliers who have remained capable of delivering to the same extent as we have, so the challenges are moderate.


All major exhibitions are either postponed or cancelled! How does this affect your brand? Are you planning any alternate brand promotion strategy?

Angelika Weidling: This certainly has an impact on how we plan to present our products and our brand in the future. Like many other companies, we will increasingly focus on digital. Nevertheless, trade fairs will continue to be interesting for us, but the way in which they are implemented will definitely change. The digital and analogue experience will merge more strongly.


Digital technology is something one must adopt to cope up this crisis. Where do you place yourself when it comes to digital technology?


Angelika Weidling: We have already set the right course in this field in the past. We will continue to expand the measures taken so far and supplement them with additional measures. In so doing, we will hopefully emerge stronger from this crisis.


Keeping hopes high, this too shall pass soon. But what will be its impact on the global woodworking industry?


Angelika Weidling: In any case, the industry will change. Digital technologies will be pushed. Many companies may be rethinking their supplier strategy and adopt a broader and possibly more local approach to avoid dependencies in their supply chain. We will see.

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