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Alyssa Boehringer

Alyssa Boehringer

Alyssa Boehringer, Marketing Manager, Wood Segment – North America, ACMOS shares with Wood & Panel the strengths, their latest products, WAXILIT series, the joy of being in live shows and more. Read on.

ACMOS is known for processing aids for the wood industry. What are your core strengths?

Alyssa Boehringer: Our core strengths in the wood industry include an extensive range of innovative and high-quality release agents for applications such as edge banding, veneer pressing, glued wood, board manufacturing, as well as table lubricants from our WAXILIT series, grinding coolants, and cleaners. The characteristics of our release agents depend largely on the type of glue used, but also board surfaces and machine application. Our portfolio includes products that are water-based, silicone and solvent free, and that are environmentally friendly.

We have been developing products in the wood industry since the 1960s and right from the start we worked closely with leading machine manufacturers and glue and adhesive producers. This has been extremely beneficial because it allows us to provide our customers with fully developed and ready to use products that are specified and recommended by these partners. However, in addition to our standard products, we can also develop custom products for customers, especially those who manufacture MDF, particleboard, and laminate flooring. Over thirty percent of ACMOS employees are in product development and technical support, so this allows us to respond quickly and competently to customer requirements.

What are the latest from ACMOS?

Alyssa Boehringer: Over the past couple of years, we have been putting a lot of emphasis on growing our brand and product line in the North American wood market. We have an extensive portfolio of over 20+ products that are highly recognized in other major international markets. We’ve been very involved in the North American market since the late 1980s but believe there is a lot of potential for us to further grow and that our products play a big role within the industry.

This past year has really been a successful one in terms of growth and exposure. We have expanded our distribution network to key regions in both the United States and Canada and are selling more of a variety from our product line, especially Waxilit table lubricants, edge band release agents, and glue release agents. We continue to team up with new machine manufacturers, support our current partners, and focus on learning end users’ needs.

Can you tell us more about the WAXILIT series?

Alyssa Boehringer: Our WAXILIT series is very popular in North America and Internationally. It consists of a variety of table lubricants that are designed to minimize friction, improve material feed, and provide a better cut anywhere where wood slides over metal, wood, or plastic contact surfaces of woodworking machinery. As the wood is being processed, it is essential to protect both the contact surface of the machine as well as the wood from any unwanted etches or from becoming rough and unusable. WAXILIT does an excellent job in providing this protection, while reducing scrap rates and saving valuable time in the production process. They are guaranteed silicone-free, which is a very important feature, as silicones can prevent post-treatment, such as gluing, staining, painting, and varnishing.

WAXILIT 22-74 is our most popular product from this series and is commonly used with moulder and planer machines, as well as table saws. It was developed with as well as recommended and specified by leading machine manufacturers.

All lubricants in the WAXILIT series are very easy to use and come in different forms, such as liquid, paste, and an aerosol spray. Each are optimized for different processes, applications, tools, and woodworking machinery, both large and small.

You also offer cleaner for the wood industry. What makes it unique?

Alyssa Boehringer: We offer a range of cleaners for the wood industry through our specially developed ACMOSOL product line. Our cleaners include options for a variety of common woodworking glues and applications, such as hot melt adhesives, PUR residues, glue spreading machines, press plates, resin dissolver for tools, and many more. They’re economical to use as they can be diluted with water. As well, they’re designed to deliver optimal cleaning results while taking occupational safety and environmental compatibility into account at the same time.

Tell us about your experience of visiting live shows once again in 2022.

Alyssa Boehringer: It has been a great experience to be able to visit live shows again. It’s been valuable to connect in person with our customers, partners, and establish new relationships. Nothing beats a face-to-face connection and live tradeshows provide that platform. In 2022, we exhibited for the first time ever at the IWF show and were very pleased with the show experience and turnout. In 2023, we will be exhibiting at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas and are looking forward to the opportunity to build brand awareness, showcase our products, network, and support our partners.

Are you planning for r expansion? What are your plans of going ahead in 2023?

Alyssa Boehringer: Most of our products are currently manufactured in Germany. However, we have already been producing some products in the US through contract manufacturing, and as our business continues to grow, we plan to produce more of the products we sell in North America in the U.S. This will allow us to optimize our supply chain and better serve our North American customers. In 2023, we’re focused on continuing to connect with strategic partners to expand our distributor network and growing our customer reach throughout North America.

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