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Raphaël Prati

Raphaël Prati

Raphaël Prati, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Biesse, shares the company’s expertise, extremely talented products, avant-garde innovations and new concepts at the showfloor. The entire booth was dedicated to the latest technologies for visitors worldwide. During our tour to LIGNA.23, we were extremely happy to have Mr Prati share his thoughts on automated solutions.


After four long years, Biesse had a wonderful LIGNA where they introduced ground breaking solutions to its customers. And as we celebrate the post show success, we have come up with a tete-a-tete with the multi-material company, Biesse. We hope you enjoy gathering ultimate knowledge on all the happenings related to the company.


WPE:How are you doing?

Raphaël Prati: Very good, it’s a great time we are having here at LIGNA and we take exemplary solutions at Biesse booth this time.


WPE: It’s been four long years. How do you feel?

Raphaël Prati: We are looking forward to welcoming all new guests and customers from worldwide to this very important happening. It’s a great possibility to show a different Biesse.


WPE: You have come up with new logo and new identity, can you enlighten us on your vision?

Raphaël Prati: Yes, we do have new identity that comes with new colour mainly because the company has evolved in the past years. And when you do an evolution, within that evolution in order to better fulfillment. The expectations of our customers are ever changing context, therefore, in order to be proactive and to anticipate what these things are, we really need to focus on innovations and values of our customers.


WPE: With the new vision, you must have something new in LIGNA, can you explain?

Raphaël Prati: The new vision of Biesse is focused on simplifying the manufacturing process for our customers, so that they can unleash, let’s say, make the potential of the materials that shine, and also empower their imagination. Thus, our products are made with the latest technologies that reach to the broader audience. For example, if you are making a nice kitchen, you must make sure that the kitchen should produce joy and satisfaction to your guests and yourself as well. And, that we want to do. We always want to empower the peoples’ imagination.

We do these through new product developments. We have a couple of very interesting solutions to showcase here. Those are; Concept Solutions which will be available very soon, let’s say in a couple of week. Some others are giving us the possibility to go through what is required in future but to be prepared to satisfy the needs of the customers.

Those novelties I am referred to, for an example the new HFS System. It’s the system that takes the energy from water in order to apply an edge on a panel. That’s really unique, I must say. The principle behind the innovation and solution is Hydrolysis. It seperates the oxygen from hydrogen to create power and we use that power to apply the edge-on panels.

These products are on showcase at LIGNA and visitors are actually enjoying the preview of this product. It will soon be available on along with our edge banding lines. Other products that will soon available are: new HMI and Interfaces. These products make our customers possible to do simple actions and it will simplify the management of a particular machine or a machine line. Thus, these prove the efficiency of the whole process.


WPE: You are focusing a lot on automated solutions. Can you tell us briefly?

Raphaël Prati: If you go through our mission, you will see that we focus on integrated lines and machines. Integrated lines are the core section of what we do, also, we have a prime example, the hero here at our booth – the stream edge one, full automated, having two robots both the end giving us the possibility to automate the Batch one solutions and meet the expectations of their customers.

Therefore, with these solutions, we manage to accelerate the process, simplify the process and make our customers more competitive in this context.


WPE: Biesse this year has an extraordinary set up and theme. Can you please elaborate your idea on this?

Raphaël Prati: This is a actually the expression of our identity. Biesse is a company that has been known for many years in the industry as a group of manufacturing solutions of glass, wood, stone and other advanced materials as well. Now, under one brand we have a capability to merge all these competencies and then provide unique solutions to our customers.

At LIGNA we share how our work can unleash the potential of any material through an immersive installation that showcases creativity and technology. Our customers create products that are increasingly multi-material and Biesse provides access to a vast range of skills through a single company and a single brand.

The advantage of Biesse is that, we are a multi-material company. Being at LIGNA, we really want to put the spotlight on the capacity to manufacture different solutions. So, at the Biesse art gallery, we use different colours to highlight the different materials. These colours are also dedicated to the different kind of materials.

Yellow is referred to WOOD

Light Blue to manufacture GLASS

Red to manufacture STONE

Purple to manufacture GLASS material

And then we have BIESSE WONDER, which is our company colour.

So, this art gallery at LIGNA is celebrating multi-materiality focusing on the machining of the materials.


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