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José Gomes

José Gomes

José Gomes, Range Engineering Leader HFB02 – BA LR Store & Organize furniture of IKEA shares his excitement to visit LIGNA again in a few months and what makes LIGNA a must visit for him! Excerpts!

WPE: You have been visiting LIGNA for years. What makes LIGNA a must visit for you?

José Gomes: LIGNA is a showcase for woodworking industry: products, services and technologies.

It is an ideal platform to stay up to date on the latest trends in woodworking technology, gaining insights into industry trends and providing market intelligence that could benefit my business.

It is also a great opportunity for networking with industry professionals and experts and, since you have an unparalleled array of the world’s leading suppliers in the same place, it is a perfect opportunity to make businesses: allowing negotiation with several stakeholders and closing contracts in a very efficient way.

And last but not least the seminars and workshops on topics related to this industry could provide valuable insights that I can use to improve operations and processes within my company.

WPE: What will be one key factor for you to visit LIGNA.23?

José Gomes: This year I will be mainly interested in more sustainable, renewable and recyclable resources in order to support a sustainable growth.

Additionally, I’m very interested in the latest innovations and technology advancements to enable automation and increase production efficiency.


WPE:  What are your views on the focus topics of LIGNA.23?

José Gomes: Even though I believe Prefab building processes offer a great way to build quickly and efficiently, and will be the way to build in a very near future, my business is mainly woodworking connected and therefore I’m mainly interested in both Green Material Processing and Woodworking Transformation.


The days of ‘business as usual’ are over – earth is now our only stakeholder and we need to find ways to a sustainable growth: considering the materials, how we process them and how we move them.

WPE:  Why is LIGNA different from any other woodworking show?

José Gomes: It is the diversity on what is showcased.

As I previously mentioned, not only technologies but products and services are also considered.

But diversity is reflected on exhibitors as well – including from world’s leading suppliers to smaller/start-up companies in several fields and from all over the world.

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