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Florian Wonisch

Florian Wonisch

We are thrilled to have an interaction with Florian Wonisch, Sales Director CAD+T India who shares about opening their new subsidiary in India, strategies, prime offerings for Indian customers and of course IndiaWood participation. Take an insight!

CAD+T – the most renowned supplier of digital solutions and efficient process. How would you describe your company’s strategy and strength?


Florian Wonisch : CAD+T is a leading international software supplier for complete software solutions in the furniture industry, specialized in bespoke furniture for more than three decades. We are always following our Vision “We supply digital solutions and efficient processes to enable customers, to be the top of their industries”. Whether a small, medium or large size business, individual design requires individual solutions.


CAD+T has expanded in more than five countries worldwide. Recently, it has opened a new subsidiary in India. How’s everything going? What’s your take on this?


Florian Wonisch : The setup in India was another big milestone of expanding our business to support the Indian furniture companies to be top notch of their industry. This allows us to serve our clients with additional services, including a local support and a local dedicated training centre.

Have a look at our opening ceremony: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7122951524057571328


What are the prime sections CAD+T India office are handling as of now? What are your offerings for the Indian customers?


Florian Wonisch : The CAD+T India office provides comprehensive coverage, spanning from sales to project implementation. Additionally, we operate a dedicated training centre for both our customers and educational institutes. Our commitment extends beyond initial training, as we offer ongoing support and additional training sessions to ensure continuous development, especially for newcomers.


CAD+T is all about digital transformation and newest innovations. According to you, how people and technology are getting connected especially in woodworking platform?


Florian Wonisch : The woodworking industry in India already boasts strong connections. At CAD+T, our focus is on providing additional opportunities for industry professionals. We organize events such as customer meetings, CAD+T on tour where people have the chance to see our solution live at existing customers. These initiatives aim to foster connections and build meaningful business relationships, both within India and globally.


What do you think about Asian market/Indian market in terms of woodworking technology and digital solutions?


Florian Wonisch : At present, the woodworking industry in Asia, particularly in India, operates at the intersection of technology and manual processes. CAD+T addresses this by offering a comprehensive solution aimed at digitizing and optimizing their processes. Through our international business connections worldwide, we actively seek and incorporate feedback from our customers and prospects, ensuring our solutions align with global industry trends and specific market needs.


Can you share us some of your latest developments and achievements?


Florian Wonisch : In recent developments, we have added RFID part tracking for production, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and cloud solutions. These advancements are designed to empower our customers by providing heightened awareness of their processes. The incorporation of these tools not only enhances efficiency but also mitigates the risk of miscommunication within their operations.


Lastly, are you participating at IndiaWood 2024? If yes, can you give us a short insight of your participation?  Is there anything special is awaiting for the visitors this time? 


Florian Wonisch : Yes, we are excited to confirm our participation in IndiaWood 2024. Our dedicated team will be present to provide live demonstrations, showcasing the the various solutions of CAD+T. Visitors can expect an interactive experience where they can ask questions and explore our software modules. We look forward to assisting and guiding attendees through our offerings. Visit us: Hall 4, Booth M115B

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