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Dario A. Corbetta

Dario A. Corbetta

A quick and short conversation with Dario A. Corbetta, Director, Xylexpo from the floors of Xylexpo International Press Conference attended by our editor-in-chief, Apratim Ghoshal.

Xylexpo 2020, the international showcase of wood and furniture technologies and supplies for the first time will span four days from May 26 to May 29, 2020. On February 18, Milan hosted the traditional international press conference introducing next Xylexpo. 330 companies have registered at Xylexpo, with a 30 percent share of international companies, covering a total net surface of 29 thousand square meters. This year, Xylexpo will occupy three halls, so as to ensure regular visitor flows to all exhibitors, as far as possible.

woodandpaneleurope How would you define the current status of Italian woodworking industry?
Dario A. Corbetta: In Italy we have 150 member companies, and that’s indeed a good number of companies. In the past we had lesser members because the industry was different. What is happening now, there is a trend in concentration. It means that there are group of companies who are bigger. Some other medium sized companies are very important.
woodandpaneleurope Xylexpo has been out on a world tour it seems! How was the response at Canada (WMS Toronto) and France (Eurobois)?
Dario A. Corbetta: Well I was not there personally, but we can say there was good interest everywhere. We are expecting visitors from Canada and from France as well, as France is our neighbouring country, just across the border. We are also going to Spain to promote the show. In the past we had the highest number of foreign visitors from Germany and we are expecting the same this year too as in Milan they get everything, most important being the industrial technology.
woodandpaneleurope What new can we expect in terms of layout or segment addition in this edition of Xylexpo?
Dario A. Corbetta: We are trying to concentrate the exhibition in three folds in order to have a better visitor flow. Also the small exhibitors can have more visitors because in the past the small exhibitors had the idea that big groups were stopping the visitors and that they keep them- so we have designed a different layout.
woodandpaneleurope We see a lot of mid size exhibitors participating in this Xylexpo. How is the feedback from the exhibitors?
Dario A. Corbetta: The small exhibitors are almost disappearing. This year we will not have many small booths of 20 sq m because the companies are trying to present themselves in the highest level. Everyone is trying to have more area with a better stand construction and presence.
woodandpaneleurope What are the highlights of Focus Components? Can you explain briefly on Production 4.0? How is the feedback?
Dario A. Corbetta: Of course, it is the first experience for us in this field. We try to concentrate the machineries in one area with the same stand construction. Our exhibitors wanted to stay close to the machines. For example, a producer of edgebanding would like to stay with the edgebander machines, a producer of glue would like to stay close to the press producers. So we have drawn this kind of layout to follow the request of the exhibitors and customers and it will be a mixed booth.

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