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Karl Fuchs

Karl Fuchs

Karl Fuchs, Director Sales from 2020 Technologies focuses on what’s coming this LIGNA, the launch of the next generation of Enterprise Manufacturing Solution, their participation and expectations from LIGNA 2019 and lot more during LIGNA Preview 2019 in an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel.

woodandpaneleurope What is the future of software solution in woodworking and furniture industry, and what are the recent changes you have observed in the industrial software solutions? Can you explain.
Karl Fuchs :Well, I think the future of the software, is software which really covers the whole chain of the process. So, not only covering one process for example, the software execution or may be only the commercial part but covering all the processes of the complete chain of the industry. So, starting with the end customers or at both of products over end customers and then following the complete chain of the production until the insulation back to the end customers.
woodandpaneleurope SINCE 2020 Europe and 2020 USA both are global players in terms of software for woodworking, how was 2018 for you?
Karl Fuchs : Well I must say, we are happy with 2018, we had a good business year. As a business year we had a good growth all over the lines of business. So specially in the industry parts we have been very successful, could win very good new customers on the international base of our product, and we get lots of new features and new functionalities.
Please watch the video for more details on 2020’s plan

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