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Daniel Schrenk:

Daniel Schrenk:

LEUCO, the German tool manufacturer takes first steps to enter the Indian woodworking industry. In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel, LEUCO Managing Director, Daniel Schrenk spoke on their participation and expectation from IndiaWood, the benefits that a furniture manufacturer would have with LEUCO tools and more. Excerpts.

We are at IndiaWood and we are happy to share the very good news that LEUCO is entering India. Can you please tell us what is your impression about the Indian woodworking industry and this show?  

Daniel Schrenk: It’s the first day of the show and I’m very impressed about the amount of visitors here. I was aware that India is a fast-growing market but I didn’t expect this to be so lively! So, I’m very impressed about it.

If you can tell us more about who is LEUCO?

Daniel Schrenk: I mean first of all, we are a family owned company, our headquarter is in Germany but we are working on all the worldwide markets all over the world. To give you an impression, 75% of our business is international business and our 1200 people are working all over the world in all the five contents.

What can the industry expect from LEUCO here?

Daniel Schrenk: First of all we are a one-stop shop as we always call it, so that means we’re doing the complete range of rotation tools in the wood processing industry we do the saw blades, we did drills, we do cutterheads, we do the diamond routers and cutters, we do clamping system, and most important also we do the service that means the resharpening of these kind of toolings that means whenever you need to process some kind of wood based material or fibrous material, LEUCO is the right partner to get in touch.

If we come to the furniture industry, how can the furniture industry in India benefit from LEUCO?

Daniel Schrenk: As I said LEUCO is the worldwide partner from furniture manufacturers all over the world and we are doing this business already for decades. We are a close partner also to the OEM to the machine manufacturer that means we have a program and a product portfolio that is always up to date and is always corresponding to the latest machinery technology. So, I’m sure we can be a very high benefit for all the industrial furniture manufacturers.

Coming back once again to the show, what are your expecttatons from this IndiaWood?

Daniel Schrenk: I mean first of all, we want to meet as many customers to and also to get in contact with new clients, also with new partners. It is a strategic important Market- the Indian  market for us and we want to gain more market share. We want to understand even better now  how is the market reacting, what are the needs,  what are the requirements, so that in order  we can do our job even better.

Anything else, you would like to share on the market?

Daniel Schrenk: First of all, it’s good to be here and to be in such a lively market, if you compare it with the worldwide markets right now, this is not a typical thing- so it’s  really good. Also, the optimism that you see here is doing us all good and its what you can feel and sense here. And it’s good to see also that the requirements are increasing step by step and steadily. It’s an industrial market now a day, it’s also looking for high-tech solutions and this is why it’s the right moment to be here.

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