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Marco Pedronici

Marco Pedronici

Marco Pedronici, General Manager, SCM Group Mexico focuses on woodworking industry in Mexico in general, MEM Industrial, latest addition to their showcase and lot more from the floors of MEM Industrial in an interview with Apratim Ghoshal, editor-in-chief, Wood & Panel.

woodandpaneleurope How do you look at MEM Industrial to promote automation in the woodworking industry?

Marco Pedronici: MEM Industrial is becoming more important every year and the organization is giving very good result. There is very good marketing activities in order to have more customers to visit these event, and let’s hope to have a good one also this year.

woodandpaneleurope What kind of challenge do you get in the market to sell automation or to sell the new technology? Are the Mexican furniture manufacturers very progressive in terms of using new technology?
Marco Pedronici: The Mexican market is a market with a growing population 120 million people and this is a market which is becoming more and more important because here the customers- the producers of furniture are investing more and more in technology. The world is changing and is demanding new machines, demanding new technology and service per person. They are asking for a good solution, and that’s why we are investing in having stocks, in saving twenty engineers and prepare better business environment.
woodandpaneleurope What is your view on after sale service?
Marco Pedronici: After sale service is the key to the success, because you can have the best machine in the world but if you sell a machine to a customer and you are not able to serve the machine; you will have some problems sooner or later. The customer will not buy your brand again if you do not give a good support regardless of the fact if your machine is good or not.
woodandpaneleurope What are the prime segments you are focusing in this show?
Marco Pedronici: The technology and the segment are basically always the same, I mean we are talking about the CNC routers, CNC machine, edgebanding, panel saw and also SCM is very strong with all the joinery machines. We have a complete range of solution and we are doing a very good job. Our goal is to grow, here, everyday.
woodandpaneleurope What are the latest additions to your IoT, like Maestro Connect and digital services?
Marco Pedronici: The latest and one of the most important addition that our clients are appreciating a lot is the Console eye-M. With the new console, basically we have standardized all the computer in every machine. We are installing a new computer that is waterproof, dust proof, heat proof and every machine is the same, is the touch PC and is very useful because these are very stable instruments. We have given to the machine a good class, because the PC was always very important. And the electronical part in a machine is a delicate part especially in something this kind of a system. The computer is to be there for this kind of service you will have problem, most likely in the electronical parts. Because mostly they fail in the electronic parts, the mechanical are very stable generally speaking.
woodandpaneleurope You have a very strong message, “You will never work alone”. How would you define your claim with reference to Mexico?
Marco Pedronici: You know that the future is the human being will be more and more integrated with robots and they will help in improving the quality. I think that in Mexico this future is coming and we also have some projects and some customers who are investing in new technology. The Mexico is following the general rule of the world and they are moving ahead to the new technology.
woodandpaneleurope woodandpaneleurope Besides this show, do you participate in smaller and other Mexican shows?
Marco Pedronici: Yes we are going to participate to the TechnoMueblera and this will be in August this year and is located Guadalajara which is our own territory.

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