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Tapani Kiiski

Tapani Kiiski

In an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel, Tapani Kiiski, President and CEO of Raute Corporation enlightens us on their participation in LIGNA, and prime innovations like new peeling line, drying and grading technology and implementation of industry 4.0 in customer service. He further added about their business development plans and strategies in 2019, advanced machines and lot more from the floors of LIGNA, Hannover Germany.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your expectations and participation from this show. What makes LIGNA a must visit for Raute?
LIGNA, by far, is the biggest and most important trade show in our industry, therefore we as the leading company in this business and in the industry we must be here.


It is also a great platform for us to demonstrate the product, and our new technology as well as knowhow and skills to our customers.

woodandpaneleurope What are the prime innovations you are showcasing here in LIGNA?
This time we have a lot of new things here at LIGNA. First of all, we have the new peeling line which provides with better raw material recovery and also improved working safety than the previous ones. The new lathe peels blocks into high quality veneer with and without spindles and leaving only 25 mm core. Peeling solution is electric meaning less energy usage and accurate control of all movements. Integrated green veneer composer ensures maximum full sheet recovery and efficient drying as random handling is eliminated.


Then we have the new drying line developed to achieve increased drying capacity with decreased amount of energy consumption. Pitch build up is eliminated by make-up air preheating. The next big thing is the grading solution that combines Metriguard and Mecano technologies so that visual quality, moisture content and veneer density can be analyzed at the same time. That means more accurate grading result and savings in raw material.

woodandpaneleurope Industry 4.0 being the buzzword of the industry, tell us how it impacts on the small and medium sized companies?
Well, it is a very big thing for us and we have been working on this concept, industry 4.0 and internet of things, internet of everything. All our machines are readily available and are connected to internet. Through those we can provide support to our customers, and also we could offer better customer services through monitoring of data and optimisation of the processes and so on.

woodandpaneleurope Also any scope to experience any new addition to the Patchman technology?
We do have some additions and development in the Patchman technology and here we are focusing on the demonstration of the continuous development of the technology.

woodandpaneleurope What are your marketing strategies going forward in 2019?
We will continue developing our business in international emerging market, and specially to promote the small and medium sized companies and also improve services towards the new customers. We will also focus on meeting different needs of the customers.

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