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Wittaya Sujimongkol

Wittaya Sujimongkol

During VietnamWood, Mr. Wittaya Sujimongkol, Business Development, Grecon shared the excitement of participating in VietnamWood. During the show, we got the opportunity to directly interact with him regarding the product showcase, Intelligent Detection technology, expectations from the event and also, the present market scenario of Southeast Asia. Excerpts

As one of the prime exhibitors at VietnamWood, what kind of recent innovations can people expect from you this time?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: We have some exciting innovations in store for our visitors. At our booth, attendees can expect to see the latest generation of our spark detection and measuring technology system equipped with innovative technology to improve precision, efficiency, and safety in wood processing. Our systems are designed to meet the evolving needs of industry.


So, we invite all attendees to visit our booth to experience these innovations firsthand and learn how our products and services can help them stay at the forefront of the wood industry. We look forward to sharing our latest developments with you at Fagus-GreCon booth number A252


Fagus-GreCon is considered the pioneer of fire protection service provider. How do you implement greatest features to make GreCon spark extinguish system unique?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: We have developed a state-of-the-art proprietary detection algorithm. which can accurately distinguish between sparks and false alarm. By combine multiple detection sensors to enhance the system’s ability to detect sparks across various materials and conditions.  We call it Intelligent detector.

Can you enlighten us on the GreCon Intelligent Detection Technology? What are the extraordinary features it offers?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: Yes, of course.  Our intelligent detector had Incorporate cutting-edge spark detection technology using Implement machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to improve the system’s accuracy in distinguishing between harmless particles and potentially dangerous sparks. Over time, the system becomes better at recognizing patterns and reducing false alarms.


According to you, why is VietnamWood a great platform to showcase innovation? Also, what are the responses you are receiving until now?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: Because VietnamWood brings together experts, decision-makers, and influencers from various sectors of the woodworking industry. This environment fosters networking opportunities, allowing innovators to connect with potential partners, customers, and collaborators.


Can you elaborate the advantages customers can get from your latest inventions? In addition to this, what is the most risk-prone section of wood and panel industry?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: Of cause, in summary, our latest spark detection system offers a range of advantages, including enhanced fire safety, improved production efficiency, cost savings, customization options, compliance with safety standards, data-driven insights, remote monitoring, scalability, environmental responsibility, and ongoing customer support. These advantages make our system a valuable addition to any industrial setting, helping customers protect their assets, maintain operational continuity, and achieve peace of mind.”

The most risk-prone section of wood and panel industry can vary depending on factors such as the type of operations, safety measures in place, and compliance with regulations. But the fire incident in the factory caused the most damage to customers.


Are you participating at IndiaWood 2024? If yes, what are the strategies going forward?


Wittaya Sujimongkol: Actually. I am not in charge in India market right now. But we have a team in India who are waiting for participate at India wood 2024.


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