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Udo Ofenböck, Director and Alexander Leutner, Executive Vice President of Berndorf Band enlightens us on what LIGNA 2019 means to them, primary products they have highlighted, stainless steel belts, marketing strategies and lot more in a face to face conversation right at the show floor.

woodandpaneleurope What makes LIGNA a must visit for Berndorf? Tell us about your expectation and participation from this show?
Udo Ofenbock: Berndorf Band is the leading company and leading supplier of steel belts for wood based panels and laminating industry and we took the advantage of LIGNA to meet all our customers in one spot. Of course we too meet our customers all around the world during the years, we were travelling to China, to South America, to different spot of the world but LIGNA is just an excellent occassion for us to meet all customers in one spot. This is one thing and the other thing is, it’s a brilliant platform also for us to launch new products.

woodandpaneleurope What are the prime products you are focusing this year at LIGNA?
Alexander Leutner: Of course our prime products are steel belts for woodworking and laminate industry even more important our latest developments in the area of service like our latest development modular magnetic clamping device which brings customer following benifits like highest end product quality in the cross welding scheme of the steel belts, lowest flatness in thickness deviation and quick and dismantling of the tool due to the modular system.

woodandpaneleurope How has been the feedback for stainless steel belts of Berndorf for the woodworking industry? What are the prime advantages we can get from this?
Udo Ofenbock: Our customers rate Berndorf Band as a producer of steel belts with highest qualities which ensures and brings them the following benifits like long lifetime of the steel belts, worldwide service network which means less downtime because of the high quality of our steel belts and the highly trained service technicians we have a real high flexibility in terms of flee times. We are working on long term customer relationship and we have a real brilliant technical support for our customers.

woodandpaneleurope Lastly, what are the plans going forward in 2019?
Alexander Leutner: So for the future, our strategy is to foster and to maintain the no.1 position as a most quality supplier for steel belts as Berndorf for the laminating steel as well as the wood based panel industry. How is it possible? This could be possible with our dedicated strategy to invest a lot into our products indeed, it takes our products to the next level for the benifits of the customer. So, basically our strategy is investment which brings our product to the next level.

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