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Werner Deuring

Werner Deuring

Werner Deuring, CEO/Shareholder of Deurotech Group highlights on LIGNA, as he speaks on furniture surfaces and VITS laminate flooring, the acqusition of Deurotech Group, coating lines and lots more in an exclusive interview with Wood & Panel on the occasion of LIGNA.

woodandpaneleurope What are the products we can expect to see at Stand D09? Is there any special innovation you have in your bucket for LIGNA?
Yes, we have a group of four companies from the Deurotech Group. Each of these companies have invested quite a bit in innovation to exhibit here on the LIGNA show first time. Some areas in particular on the impregnation site, with the VITS company we are showing products to reduce substantial energy cost and CO2 footprints for our customers in the future and the important thing is the link between the various products of our company for display within the ‘Deurotech Connected System’ which allows us to monitor the productivity and quality of our products on a readily available app to our customers as well.

woodandpaneleurope Since you have acquired 100% of Deurotech Group. If you can brief us on the acquisition and how much you are getting benifitted with this association? How has been the association?
Well, it’s not new to me to have 100% of Deurotech Group, I was the shareholder of 100% before, the financial investor was investing in the company some three years ago but I have acquired the shares of the financial investor last December again in order to be able to move forward with the company on family own business again and I think the company is benifitting from it because the decisions are made quicker and the customers gets benefit in the sense of the profit to the customer through a family owned ownership in the company.

woodandpaneleurope What are the prime advantages can customers get from furniture surfaces? What are the prime features you generally offer through this innovation?
The Deurotech Group has been formed to offer to our customers a variety of products in the surface technology not only the impregnation part in which we are well known but also the resin production with our company IFA we are producing the primary resin and supply impregnation machine to fix with the resin but after that we have two companies with the names of Wessel and Airprotech which are in the field of air purification and air treatment which is a very big issue today where reduction of the production process, cost reduction and other emmisions as VOCs will be treated and will be brought to stand that are quite important today for the environmental purposes.

woodandpaneleurope How has been the response for VITS Laminate Flooring?
The laminate floor of course is been a prime product from many years now. VITS is the company that produces the foils for the floors, the laminate for the floors, impregnation is been instrumental and coming through the product that is acceptable to the customers. We have had a great success in flooring business for the last ten years, 80% I would say of the flooring production of impregnation in overlays of produced on VITS machines alright. We have about 1000 machines in the field worldwide and the flooring has been a growth driver for our business in general in the laminating industry for the last ten years.

woodandpaneleurope Tell us about your expectations from LIGNA. Are you exhibiting any product from finish foil surface segment? What are the best solutions you are showcasing through the coating lines here?
Part of our business of course is not only the melamine or fenolic impregnation machines we do also manufacture coating lines or finish foil systems, the finish foil market is a viable and strong market although the machines are so productive that one machine can produce a great amount of finish foil, we have four-five machines already in operation and there is more capacity on the finish foil side and we are looking forward to our customers that we meet here on the show to discuss their needs in the finish foil and other areas. And also we can expect we can do this for the days after as well.

woodandpaneleurope What are the marketing strategies going forward for 2020?
As, 2019 is almost done for us as far as marketing strategies are concerned. Rather, for longer times, our production in most of the companies is already filled up for 2020. We are looking into expanding our portfolio for the supplier of the customer and particularly on the environmental side , special product side, we are attracting more customers to talk to us. So, we are looking forward to 2020.

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