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Andre Krahl

Andre Krahl

During IndiaWood, Andre Krahl, Area Sales Manager, Wood processing technology, PALLMANN shared the excitement of participating in a LIVE event after a pause of two years. He further spoke on both apprehensions and expectations from the event, Indian market and instability in the European business platform. Excerpts.

LIVE events are back after two long years. How does it feel to be back once again face-to-face?

We are happy that we are back in the very first event after the pandemic break, worldwide. Here in India, its little bit different compared to Europe, we will see what is going on in the near future in the European market also.

Are you promoting any new launches?

Yes we have size reduction machinery since more and more board producers are looking for different raw materials.  Besides wood, bamboo is also now here and this may be in the next years or future target for utilizing these raw materials. This is more specific for the Indian market, and also for Asian market as bamboo is very special in India.

So, Pallmann is now moving into bamboo based board manufacturing and becoming more responsible than ever.

Of course, sustainability is one thing and another is the availability to have a fast growing material which is giving the possibility to utilise this material converted into the board or wood based panel, or more specifically bamboo based panel.

This is one new area of exploration, yes we have to check how we can proceed since the demand is rising. Bamboo is basically a substitute for wood material with which we can create boards with alternative with materials that are readily available and also fast growing!

What are your expectation from business and also share your growth plans in 2022

Crisis is over, probably here in India! But there is still economic crisis in Europe at the moment because of the strained situation between Russia and Ukraine for which we are facing problems energy wise, production wise, skill wise which we need as a machine producer. Supply Chain is affected and thus it’s hard to forecast at this moment. We will be there at Xylexpo this year and then at LIGNA in 2023.

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