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Walid Farghal

Walid Farghal

WoodShow Global is a power-packed platform in providing experimental avenues of woodworking industry. This time, they are all set to bring the collage of meetings, objectives, showcases and knowledge by introducing a newest event: Saudi WoodShow which will take place in March 2024. We are priviledged to have Mr. Walid Farghal, Director General of the WoodShow Global Organising Commitee who share his thoughts on the Middle East woodworking shows, the latest version of WoodShow Global and the possibilities.


It Started in Dubai, extended to Cairo, and is now in Saudi Arabia. Wood Show Global is constantly expanding and flying its wings. How will these extended versions be fruitful for exhibitors and visitors worldwide?


Mr. Walid Farghal: The extension of Wood Show Global from Dubai to Cairo and now Saudi Arabia offers exhibitors and visitors worldwide an unparalleled opportunity for expanded exposure, diverse networking, and cross-cultural exchange. This expansion facilitates deeper insights into regional markets, cultivates partnerships, and presents a wider array of innovative products and designs, while fostering global brand recognition and enriching the woodworking and furniture industries through varied educational offerings.


The latest version (Saudi WoodShow) will kick off in May 2024; what can prominent woodworking companies expect from this newest edition of WoodShow Global? What are the most prominent initiatives taken to attract visitors?


 Mr. Walid Farghal: The upcoming edition of Saudi WoodShow in May 2024 holds promising prospects for prominent woodworking companies. They can anticipate a vibrant platform to showcase their latest innovations, connect with a diverse audience, and explore business opportunities in the Saudi Arabian market. This edition is expected to feature enhanced networking opportunities, advanced technology demonstrations, and insightful industry seminars tailored to the specific needs of woodworking professionals. To attract visitors, prominent initiatives such as interactive workshops, live demonstrations of cutting-edge machinery, design showcases, and expert-led panel discussions are planned. Additionally, the event aims to provide a holistic experience by incorporating sustainability themes, fostering collaboration, and creating an environment where attendees can gain practical insights and forge valuable partnerships within the woodworking industry.


Woodworking shows are successful and booming in the Middle East. What is the current status of the woodworking market, and how do people benefit from such shows? Do you offer any additional opportunities in Cairo WoodShow this time?


 Mr. Walid Farghal: The woodworking market in the Middle East is currently thriving, with a surge in success and popularity of woodworking shows. These events provide a dynamic platform for industry professionals and enthusiasts to witness the latest trends, innovations, and technologies in woodworking. Attendees benefit from networking with key players, gaining insights into market trends, and exploring business partnerships. In the upcoming Cairo WoodShow, we are excited to offer enhanced networking experiences, innovative product showcases, expert-led workshops, and a focus on sustainable practices, providing attendees with even more opportunities to expand their knowledge, connections, and business prospects within the woodworking industry.


Cairo WoodShow is knocking at the door, and Saudi WoodShow will happen soon. What would be your message to the entire woodworking professionals worldwide? Can you share your show strategies? 

Mr. Walid Farghal: To woodworking professionals worldwide, as Cairo WoodShow and Saudi WoodShow approach, we extend a warm invitation to immerse yourselves in an unparalleled showcase of innovation, expertise, and networking opportunities. These events serve as a gateway to discover the latest industry trends, connect with global leaders, and forge valuable collaborations. Our show strategies encompass a dynamic blend of interactive workshops, cutting-edge technology demonstrations, insightful seminars, and a focus on sustainability, all aimed at providing you with a comprehensive experience that empowers growth, learning, and success in the woodworking realm. Join us to explore the forefront of woodworking excellence and chart a path to a brighter future within the industry.


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