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Moritz Ultsch

Moritz Ultsch

Moritz Ultsch, Market Development Manager, Henkel highlights on their participation, marketing strategies, prime products and lot more during an interview with Wood & Panel on the occassion of LIGNA.

woodandpaneleurope What makes LIGNA a must visit for Henkel?
LIGNA is the leading exhibition in the woodworking industry. Therefore, it is one of the most important events for us as well. Besides having the chance of meeting our customers, it’s great to interact with partners such as machine manufacturers. This is, I would say, the ideal combination why we really think, it’s suitable to be here and to show our innovations to our customers and partners on a global level.
woodandpaneleurope In terms of services, what about the after sale service that is offered by Henkel to its customers?
Well, regarding the after sale services, I would like to highlight one product that we have recently launched here at LIGNA. This service is called ‘Henkel Connect’. We use data that we can extract during the application process and therefore want to facilitate the process of our customers to give them higher transparency, full process control and in the end of the day an overall better product quality.
woodandpaneleurope What makes Henkel products so unique?
Well, I think it is always a combination. On the one hand side, the product itself where we would really like to deliver enhanced value for our customers, for instance when we talk about making processes more efficient and more convenient. But besides the pure product, it’s also about the service offering. For example, this offering can be either provided cloud based or in the field directly by our representatives. So, wherever we are in the world, we would like to offer a full package of premium products in combination with valuable services customers can rely on.
woodandpaneleurope What are the prime products you are focusing this year?
This year at LIGNA we have a quite broad product range, which we clustered into three topics. One is our topic regarding innovation, which is our core business where we always try to increase our value for our customers. Here, I would like to mention the Technomelt PW 863 which is a new grade for panel lamination that has a couple of advantages, especially when it comes to melting behavior, high surface hardness and heat resistant – so ideal for industrial experts. Then, we also have new services when we are talking about Digitalization, IoT and Industry 4.0 under the new brand ‘Henkel Connect’. With those services we want to use data that we can gather during the adhesive application process, for instance regarding pressure, temperature or humidity.The data is provided to our customers in order to facilitate their processes so that at the end of the day they have a better end product. Furthermore, they can easily connect with our technical customers service by our new tool.

And lastly, we also have some exciting topics which rely on our unique internal corporate expertise. We offer 3D printing solutions, which are a hot topic at the moment. Also, Printed Electronics – where we provide inks to make surfaces smart for instance regarding pressure and temperature – is of interest. In a nut shell, this is our range of products: classical innovation, digitalization and new services that we want to introduce to the woodworking industry.

woodandpaneleurope What are your plans going forward in 2019?
Well, having just mentioned the new products in digitalization and industry4.0 with ‘Henkel Connect’, we are just at the beginning. Now, we would really like to sense the market and therefore gather more feedback and further penetrate the market. We are actually the first ones, besides machine manufacturers, that offer smart services. We are really curious about that and we are excited about what the customers say and we are ready to enlarge.

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