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Wood-Mizer sawmilling system accelerates productivity

 Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The advanced sawmilling system from Wood Mizer accelerates productivity as well as reduces operation expenditure. The Wood-Mizer Sawmilling Systems successfully combines various sawmilling machines in one system and leads to production of timber in a better controlled and efficient way. These unique systems are designed as well as customised as per the need of the customer and caters to their specific requirements.
Ranges from the LT70 sawmill remote line to SLP1/SLP2 Smart Log Processing to the advanced TITAN Log Processing Sawmilling System. Wood-Mizer has a skilled team of engineers who assists in developing different sawmilling systems that produces more timber and less waste, reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs, and lowering labour requirements.

The LT70 HEAVY DUTY sawmill is equipped with a Remote-Control station, the EG300 Multirip Board Edger, and the associated material handling equipment, including a log loading ramp, a sorting table, and a driven chain conveyor.

The Wood-Mizer LT70 HEAVY-DUTY Sawmilling System

The LT70 HEAVY-DUTY sawmill joins the best features of two well-known Wood-Mizer machines – the LT70 sawing head and the industrial WM4000 sawmill bed. By combining these components in one robust unit, Wood-Mizer developed an efficient and fast sawmill while retaining low-cost maintenance and ease of operation.

“Wood-Mizer customers can choose between two types of sawing heads – the standard head with a cutting capacity max. of 95 cm log diameter and the wide head with a cutting capacity max. of 105 cm log diameter,” explains Adam Kubiak.

The operator panel features the following control functions:

• A power feed drum switch
• A potentiometer for adjusting sawing speed
• A drum switch for sawhead up/down
• Two buttons for starting and controlling the debarker
• A switch for adjusting the blade guide arm
• SW10 Setworks for automatic board thickness adjustments.
Customers can select one of three types of electronic control units – an SW10 Setworks, Accuset, or a PLC control module.

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