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Accsys invests in Arnhem, push for net zero

 Thursday, November 24, 2022

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Accsys, the producer of the very sustainable Accoya wood, has effectively increased production capacity at its facilities in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The Arnhem site has been expanded with more than €30 million invested by Accsys, who has also improved the site’s overall wood handling. The new acetylation chamber, which is over 14m long and 65 tonnes in weight, increases Arnhem’s production capacity by a third, from 60,000m3 to 80,000m3 (25.4 to 34.0 million board feet) annually. From its brand-new fourth acetylation chamber, the company has already created the first commercial batch of Accoya wood.

Demand for timber construction materials has increased as a result of the push toward net zero and the development in conscientious construction. Accoya is made specifically to not noticeably swell, shrink, or distort, making it survive longer than other types of wood. It is a genuine carbon sink, and because of its advantages for the circular economy, it has earned C2C Gold certification.

Durable, sustainable, and with incredibly high performance

The facilities at the Arnhem factory have also been upgraded by Accsys in addition to the new acetylation chamber. A new quality monitoring and assurance technology with cameras, infrared scattering, and x-rays to examine every board to ensure customer satisfaction with the products are also included in the improvements. These capabilities support safe and quick handling and logistics of the increased volumes of wood. In Hoevers, a new 20,000 m2 (200,000 ft2) warehouse opened in October, offering 35,000 m3 of nearby raw material storage for the Arnhem facility.

Rob Harris, CEO Accsys commented: “The world urgently needs solutions for sustainable construction. Durable, sustainable, and with incredibly high performance, Accoya is in high demand – and we’re working as hard as we can to produce much more of it. We have earned a loyal customer base and our priority is to deliver more of what they need. Our expansion at Arnhem is a significant step in the right direction of getting more Accoya out to the market. It’s part of our ambitious growth plan to expand production and fulfill our purpose of changing wood to change the world.”

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