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emuca brings new Concepta3 for open-plan living room solutions

 Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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emuca has introduced new avant-garde solution: Concepta3.

The Concepta3 system enhances open-plan living rooms by providing concealed sliding doors that neatly tuck away into compact spaces adjacent to or between furniture and walls. This feature enables seamless hiding of spaces or work areas, maintaining a unified aesthetic throughout the living unit.

What makes the Concepta3 so versatile?

The users can customise the selection of fittings according to their tastes and the needs of spaces:

What else Concepta3 can offer?

The PUSH system: If you like clean and modern spaces, this is your opening system for the new Concepta3.

The Push system does not need Handles. You will be able to open and close the doors of your wardrobes effortlessly by pushing them slightly inwards. Once opened, the doors will be perfectly flush with the side recess of the unit.

The PULL system: If you like a more traditional and elegant style, you can select this opening system for the Concepta3.

The Pull system requires Handles, which you can choose individually. When you pull them, the assisted soft-close system will make it easier for you to move the doors.

Other amazing features:

Basic fittings: They determine the weight, height and the hand of the door.
Vertical profile: it is the link between the upper and lower runners, which allows the system to function perfectly.

Connectors: Simplify the assembly of the side covers of the cabinet module. It also provides a cleaner aesthetic by concealing the fittings and maintains the minimum space required for the optimum functioning of the system.

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