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Modvion is selected as a member of prestigious EIC Scaling Club

 Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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MODVION_Wooden wind turbine

Modvion, leading innovator in wood technology for wind turbines, is proud to announce that it has been selected into the prestigious EIC Scaling Club, an exclusive community of +120 European deep tech scale-ups.

The EIC Scaling Club serves as a dynamic platform where top-level innovators, investors, corporate partners and stakeholders all contribute to drive growth and address global challenges. As part of this, Modvion aims to leverage its cutting-edge wood technology to make a significant positive impact on the world.

European emerging deep tech companies have enormous potential to bring about transformative change, and we are proud to be one of them.

The members have been carefully handpicked from a selected pool of companies with high potential.

Modvion expresses its gratitude to the EIC Scaling Club and looks forward to contributing its innovations.

The Swedish wood technology company Modvion develops demanding constructions in laminated wood, nature’s carbon fiber, for large-scale applications. Wooden constructions enable radical emission reductions by replacing emission-intensive materials such as steel and concrete. Modvion has developed wind power towers that, thanks to a patented modular concept, enable reduced manufacturing costs and more efficient transport for tall tower installations.

According to experts of Modvion, “Wooden wind turbine towers are the solution to near future problems.”

“Wood has amazing potential. We push the boundaries for how to use it.” – David Olivegreen, Founder Modvion.

What are the advantages Modvion offer through through their wooden carbide solution?

Cut carbon emissions by 90%

The total lifecycle emissions from wind power are dominated by the raw materials and components.

Double height. Quadruple power

Since the earliest days of modern wind power, turbines have been growing. For good reason! Not only are larger turbines more cost-efficient, but they also reduce the total area needed to produce a certain amount of energy.

Six times a carbon sinker. Why go for less?

If you chop down a tree and burn it, it will release its stored carbon directly. But if you put that wood to use in a demanding construction that will be standing for decades, the carbon will also be stored for decades.

Modvion’s modular wooden wind turbine solution provides the world with tall towers that are not only close to climate neutral, but also stores CO2 during its lifetime.

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