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Synchronously adjustable jointing cutters from LEUCO

LEUCO offers smart cutting tools and increases edge life, thanks to the uniform cutting edge wear.

LEUCO offers synchronously adjustable jointing cutters for sizing panel material. In a comparison with conventional cutters, edge life was increased by a factor of 3 or more in initial testing.

The cutter is beneficial above all in industrial facilities that produce series with identical and similar panel heights. In such shops, abrasive top layers always occur at the same location in certain cutting areas. As a consequence, these shops need to have their milling tools resharpened even though most of the cutting edges can still be used.

LEUCO now offer the synchronously adjustable jointing cutters as a solution. Its base body consists of two halves to which the diamond-tipped cutting edges are soldered. These halves can be moved to-wards one another by means of an adjusting mechanism. In this way, it is always possible to employ unused cutting edges.

During development, LEUCO conducted initial testing. This testing showed that, compared to conventional cutters, edge life was in-creased by at least a factor of 3 through adjustment. The higher cost to purchase the jointing cutters was amortized quickly. During testing, the higher cost was already justified at approximately 40,000 running meters in the case of panels with a highly abrasive top layer, especially facing material. The savings from tool and sharpening costs already amount to about 6,000 euros at 200,000 running meters.

In addition, setup times are also reduced, because production only needs to be interrupted briefly to adjust the jointing cutters com-pared to a complete tool change. The synchronously adjustable jointing cutter is available for hydraulic motors with size 30 and 40 shafts. The innovative adjustment technology can be employed on a wide variety of jointing cutters.

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