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Stela drying technology to unveil belt dryer at LIGNA.IN

Published on :Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Stela Laxhuber, one of the drying technology specialists is all set to introduce belt dryer for the wood and panel industry. For several years now, developers at Stela are known for dealing with the drying of biomass, with special focus on wood chip drying. They have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area.

With the RecuDry-System the existing drying technology is split into two drying areas: a Recu- and a condensation module.

Inside the Recumodule the drying air will be saturated through circulation and reheating.
A part of this circulation air will be directed to the condensation module.
In the heat recovery unit fresh air will be heated by using the – mainly latent – energy of the circulation air.

Special advantages of the system:

  • Energy saving of 35 – 55 % depending on the drying surface
  • Low exhaust air flows and emissions
  • Possibility of upgrading of existing drying plant to RecuDry-System

In the past few years, several projects have been implemented for pre-drying and final drying of OSB strands and chips worldwide.

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