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LIGNA Digital Daily Vol.:2 | Issue: 2

Conference program offers new formats

The second day of the LIGNA.Innovation Network brings further highlights, the conference programme offers many opportunities to find out about the latest trends and make new contacts. LIGNA.Forum digital features recognized industry experts on the focus topics of Prefab Building Processes and Woodworking Transformation.The morning continues the focus topic Woodworking Transformation and includes lectures…

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LIGNA Digital Daily

Connectivity – Flexibility – Cloud Services: imos AG prese

“In developing our new version, we have clearly focused on expanding our cloud services and on digital networking within the industry. At imos, we are pushing ahead with the strategy of opening up our technology, which will raise cooperation opportunities …

EWD Digital – the new generation

The new generation of EWD Digital ensures efficient use of natural resources, such as wood, are critical for sustainable development, competitiveness as well as environmental protection. Resource-efficient management along the entire value chain, for example through the intelligent use of …

KLEIBERIT 605.1- a new one component adhesive with unique properties

There are always demands in bonding requirements which may be contradictory or even mutually exclusive. This was precisely the challenge KLEIBERIT faced in developing the new reactive STP adhesive 605.1. This universal product is used in both industrial and handicraft …

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