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KLEIBERIT is taking big and innovative steps into the future

Intensive research and development work as well as a wide range of application technology solutions were the basis for innovative developments now available in the KLEIBERIT product range.

With a completely new PUR hotmelt adhesive series, based on more than 50% renewable raw materials, KLEIBERIT fulfills their goals concerning sustainable and resource efficient production and use of high performance adhesives for industrial and handicraft applications.

As a result, KLEIBERIT meets the market requirements of the furniture and supplier industry to make product life cycles sustainable, from production to use and eventual disposal.

A whole range of bio-based PUR hotmelt adhesives for different applications is available under the name KLEIBERIT BioMelt PUR. For the edging of panel materials, the bio-based KLEIBERIT 707.9.80 is available, with outstanding performance in terms of heat, cold and steam resistance. The product achieves excellent results when edging panel materials with edge materials such as ABS, PMMA, PVC, PP, veneer and many standard solid edges. Ensures highest bonding quality, especially in kitchens and rooms with high humidity.

Another example is KLEIBERIT 702.0.80 for wrapping pre-treated PVC profiles and wood materials with PVC foils and decorative papers. This bio-based PUR hotmelt adhesive impresses with very high initial strength and, above all, with tremendous heat and cold resistance from -40 to over 140 °C.

For further information, please contact our KLEIBERIT team during the LIGNA.Innovation Network.

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