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Surface wonders at LIGNA showfloor

 Tuesday, June 18, 2019

At LIGNA 2019, the Surface technology manufacturers showcased a host of innovations. From waterproof wood veneers, to the futuristic digital printing to produce three-dimensional surfaces awestruck the visitors at the showfloor.


The cooperation of the two companies BARBERÁN and KLEBCHEMIE M.G. Becker GmbH & Co. KG enabled a new production process. This is called Hot Coating and was one of the world novelties at the LIGNA. In this process, the surface preparation by digital printing is possible, now even super matt and glossy surfaces. This is achieved by different laminations of the glossy foil. Furthermore, edge chipping is no longer necessary because the film can be pulled around the workpiece. This also allows a waterproof, antibacterial and UV-insensitive workpiece! Thus, façade and bath elements can be produced. Even the feel of a real wood veneer is impressed into the print by rollers and imitated on the workpiece. These impressive machines are already able to cover surfaces 1.55 meters wide. Thus, this method is ideal for the door industry.


Peter Manskie from Kleiberit explored through the innovations and shared his excitement with other participants like Jonas who visited Barberan S.A., KLEIBERIT, Wemhöner Surface Technologies and Robert Bürkle GmbH at LIGNA2019. WEMHÖNER also came up with a very impressive technology for the LIGNA 2019. The new Die3D Variopress machines are capable of coating three-dimensional components with thermoplastic films, veneers and other malleable materials. This achieves a surface refinement in the third dimension. With its individual system solutions, WEMHÖNER offers its customers specially designed surface production lines. They are also involved in the field of digital printing.


BÜRKLE also participated in LIGNA 2019 with a very impressive and diverse stand. A large proportion of the booth consisted of paint application systems with integrated robot technology and subsequent drying systems. Thus, the workpieces are treated perfectly in no time. A second area, together with the cooperation company EFI, was dedicated to the UV printing process. Here BÜRKLE relies on mineral ink. Because this is how a true and realistic color gradient is produced – also a very interesting topic in the field of surface refinement. The last major part consisted of a vacuum system to bring printed PVC films to the edges and front of a work piece. This method is particularly suitable for the production of kitchen and bath fronts.



In summary, the LIGNA 2019 was very well positioned in the field of surface finishing and manufacturing and made it possible for the various manufacturers to present a great presentation area for their new techniques and procedures.



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