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Finnos helps Groupe Lebel to attain better heights

 Friday, May 3, 2024

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Finnos helps Groupe Lebel to attain better heights

Groupe Lebel has chosen Finnos as their Yield Enhancement Partner to further enhance the productivity of their sawmill in Squatec, to establish a better space in the woodworking industry. The company has taken this decisions for a couple of good reasons. The reason that can be highlighted are-

Advanced log sorting: With Finnos, log sorting is so simple, it’s practically automatic. The scanners analyse all things about wood, such as species, under bark, geometry, shape, and internal quality of a given log. They can also detect any foreign objects lodged in the log. After receiving all the data, the bespoke algorithms take care of the sorting business on their own.

Adapting ad infinitum: Each project has some hurdles to overcome, and each customer their own challenges. With Groupe Lebel, the challenge was geographical: the R&D happening primarily in Finland had zero to none previous experience with wood species around the Quebec area. But now in this case the small tool named AI handles the detection of species and many other things as well for the company.

Green. So much green: Finnos is an expert in maximizing yield: for example our log scanners, equipped with myriad sensors (X-ray, lasers, color cameras, etc.), are capable of measuring the ins and outs of a log e.g. the under bark diameter, knots and rot. This, when met with any log receiving, is a surefire way to acquire material in a more transparent manner, and also to optimize patterns down the line. This is again very important to maximise yield.

Cooperation: It is very important to develop cooperation between the teams to streamline the process, ensuring a fluent project. Finnos could successfully develop coordination with Groupe Lebel through mutual and thorough planning and preparation. This also led to the effective customization of the scanners for the fulfilment of the news. For Groupe Lebel one such customization was rot detection with end cameras, that is under development.

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