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Secto Design confidently relies on Koskisen

 Thursday, February 15, 2024

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Secto Design confidently relies on Koskisen

Secto Design confidently uses Koskisen’s thin veneer plywood in its popular lamps adding more beauty to its innovative products. The lamps are skillfully handcrafted from domestic birch. The wooden lamp gives the lamp a warm look while rendering it a inviting appeal. Seppo Koho , the architect who designed the lamps , has created a softly filtered light that does not dazzle, but attracts one.

A unique lamp at the request of customers

This particular wooden lamp was made to satisfy the particular demand of the customer. In 1995, Tuula Jusélius was looking for a designer for Secto Design, which mainly manufactures furniture made of hardwood. Such was found in Seppo Koho, with whom Jusélius found that he shares respect for Nordic wood, clear design and professional woodworking.

The Secto pendant lamp designed by Koho was born out of the customer’s desire for a wooden lamp that was not yet available on the market. This pendant light is still the backbone of the product line today. Secto Design lamps emphasize the appearance of space and place and create a unique atmosphere and closeness to them.

Koskisen has been a long time supplier of raw materials for the production of these innovative pendant lamps. Cooperation with Koskisen staryed 15 years ago, whereby the company has been suppling Secto Design with materials such as veneer plywood and veneer for blank manufacturers.

“Our blanks are quite large, it requires quite a selection of material in order to get the necessary amount of high-quality veneers for molding. Not everyone can get them,” says Jusélius.

Finnish birch brings the lamp to life
Jusélius says that birch was originally selected as a material because of its lightness. Finnishness, on the other hand, is strongly and clearly on Secto Design’s mind, the company wants to be Finnish in everything possible.

“If a darker wood is used, it does not reflect the light in the same way. We also had tradition and knowledge, so we dared to use birch. Birch’s suitability for even challenging bends was also known long ago. They are successful with birch, you can’t be sure with other types of wood,” Jusélius recalls.

The lamps are in a visible place, so every flaw in the product would be clearly visible. Secto Design’s lamps use only first-class and faultless thin veneer plywood. From Koskisen, From Koski, Secto Design has received such quality and service that meet the company’s needs and quality requirements.

“It is important to us that we get good quality birch veneer and thin veneer plywood and that deliveries are reliable. We have to get the goods when we need them,” says Jusélius. “We have good relations with the contact persons and know our needs, the work goes smoothly. Koskinen also delivers from a logistically reasonable distance, for us the product comes from within a couple of hundred kilometers.”

The environment must be taken into account

“The environment has always been of great importance to us and our customers. We have tried to take this into account in everything we do. Companies with exacting requirements for environmental issues became our customers quite early on,” says Jusélius.

Environmental issues have already been taken into account at every particular stage. The company and its customers reply confidently on the materials supplied by Koskisen, thereby adding more meaning to the products.

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