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SEMA Software offers endless possibilities in timber construction

 Thursday, August 10, 2023

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Timber construction is currently experiencing a renaissance in the form of modern mass timber construction and SEMA software accelerates designing and execution process. The unique possibility of importing and employing point clouds directly ensures efficient and smooth working with the SEMA software.

In addition to the vendor-independent file format e57, a common interface between SEMA and FARO enables that the 3D point cloud from the FARO SCENE software is output as an spw file. The exchange of SEMA’s own point cloud format allows the direct import of the point cloud without further conversion required. Any loss of data or quality is thus excluded. Users can proceed according to both the ‘Closed-BIM’ concept and the data exchange strategy of ‘Open-BIM’.

SEMA program offers the user countless possibilities:

Creation of as-built plans, simultaneous CAD planning and design in 2D/3D, photorealistic visualization for sales promotion and virtual control, creation of architectural, production and work plans as well as parts lists and data export for machine production. Users can make changes at any time, the adjustment is calculated in the program background. 

Continuous further development of the software

SEMA covers the entire spectrum of timber construction, stair design and sheet metal work by means of its software solutions. The SEMA company strives for consistent optimization and standardization of processes while helping to shape trends or introducing innovations. New features in the planning and production of solid wood construction are, for example, the visual upgrading and adjustment of the grain direction arrow as well as the individual adjustment of the surface quality on the wooden sides.

Even though SEMA is already an innovator in point cloud technology in the CAD sector, the range of functions for processing 3D point clouds is constantly being enhanced. Point clouds stored in the project can now be individually reduced. The outer sides can be limited by means of a clipping box. In addition, one or several individual areas can be punched out of the point cloud and hidden. The automatic alignment of related point clouds and the colour highlighting of individual point clouds within a project create enormous added value. The point cloud display has also been improved in the 2D view: In projects with several storeys it is now possible to select only the part of the point cloud of the active storey. Consequently, the user gets a better overview of the project and always sees only one cutting plane of the point cloud. It is therefore possible to work specifically within individual storeys using the point cloud as basis for measuring.

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