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Felix Schoeller and NOSTA jointly introduced Emission-free electric truck shuttle

 Friday, April 26, 2024

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Felix_Schoeller electric truck shuttle

NOSTA Group has initiated a fully electric transportation link between Siebenlehn and its Weißenborn facility, exemplifying its commitment to the sustainable brand promise of PAPER MADE FOR LIFE. Embodying Felix Schoeller‘s vision of using paper to enhance lives and contribute positively to society, the company’s actions extend beyond producing high-quality specialty paper solutions. Demonstrating this commitment in Weißenborn, a pilot project now sees NOSTA Group powering its

The longstanding full-service logistics partner utilizes three Volvo FH electric trucks for regional shuttle transport between the Siebenlehn warehouse and Felix Schoeller Weißenborn, effectively reducing emissions from nearly 3,000 trips and saving up to 160,000 kilograms of CO2 each year.

To support this initiative, a total of three charging stations have been installed at the factory and the interim storage facility, allowing the electric trucks to recharge their batteries during loading operations. This sustainable practice is a significant achievement led by Felix Schoeller.

“Every year, the trucks commute almost 140,000 kilometers between our factory in Weißenborn and the paper products warehouse, moving around 55,000 tons of material. By electrifying transport, we can save up to 160,000 kilograms of CO 2 emissions, at the same time significantly reduce noise pollution on the routes and show that our brand promise is not just lip service,” says Alexander Remy, Process Manager Supply Chain and Logistics with Felix Schoeller.

“Electric trucks are the future. They offer the opportunity – when using green electricity – to drive completely emission-free. That’s why switching to battery-powered vehicles is the biggest lever for becoming CO 2 -neutral,” says Jörg Prochaska, branch manager of the NOSTA Group in Siebenlehn. An integral part of the overall concept are the newly installed charging stations directly on the loading ramps, one at the interim storage facility and two in the factory. The stations supply the trucks with electricity parallel to the charging process.”

Christian Hammacher, COO Road of the NOSTA Group, sees the practical benefit of this solution: “The loading and unloading time of the vehicles is sufficient to fill the battery for the next tour, so that charging times are reduced and the operational process does not have to be adjusted.” This is precisely why the transport between the plant in Weißenborn and the interim storage facility in Siebenlehn is particularly suitable for electrification, both operationally and economically. This emerged from a previously carried out internal analysis.

Felix Schoeller and NOSTA -these two partners pursue the same goal: they have become climate neutral. The project in Weißenborn is intended to show the way for the validation of sustainable processes and products. Here sustainability becomes directly visible and tangible.

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