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Schmalz launched new liquid separator keeps every pump dry

 Monday, June 12, 2023

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The new NLS liquid separator from Schmalz separates the cooling lubricant and returns it to the running process – without interrupting the vacuum. Anyone who clamps with vacuum during CNC machining must protect the pump from cooling lubricant.

Vacuum clamps with low distortion and enables machining from five sides in one clamping. It becomes challenging when cooling lubricants are used: If these get into the vacuum generator, they cause serious damage. Schmalz has developed the NLS liquid separator to reliably separate suctioned liquid, dirt and chips beforehand. Located between the pump and the clamping device, it is integrated into the machine control system via a network module. This means that the operator can operate the NLS directly and conveniently via the HMI module of the milling machine.

The new Schmalz solution works with two chambers. There is a permanent vacuum in the upper chamber. The valve to the lower chamber is open from the start and the liquid collects there. When the lower chamber is full, the valve is closed by overpressure and the lower chamber is emptied. This allows the collected cooling lubricant to automatically return to the machine process via a hose.

The system permanently monitors the fill level and – with the help of a digital switch with IO-Link function – the vacuum, thus ensuring safe clamping during machining. In this way, the NLS ensures that the pump can constantly generate and maintain a high vacuum level in the system, even during running times of several hours or days.

The NLS is the successor to the VOC vacuum operation center. Compared to the latter, it is significantly more compact and less expensive. It is compatible with any Schmalz pump and is suitable for the initial equipment of CNC processing machines with vacuum supply. The product is ideally suited for OEMs and machine manufacturers.

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