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The role of Mass Timber in addressing affordable housing shortage

 Friday, May 3, 2024

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The role of mass timber in making affordable housing

Mass Timber – the grown popularity as a sustainable building solution is offering an innovative and affordable housing around the world. Today, we delved deep into this viable solution and explore the possibilities.

Outside of Western Europe and Scandinavia, the use of mass timber, also known as massive timber, in construction projects is relatively new. It is starting to gain traction in multi-residential and commercial buildings, yet remains almost a myth in single-family residential builds. Even the U.S. is turning to mass timber to create affordable living spaces for city communities. Not only that, mass timber is considered as a greatest asset in woodworking industry as well.

Is Mass Timber really an affordable housing project solution?

It has become an important question that does it really make financial sense to utilise mass timber in affordable housing project and even in woodworking industry?

The answer is, it is necessary to understand how to use mass timber and strengthen it’s capability to maximise the building efficiency. Developers, architects, and contractors are navigating the complexities and develop more easier way out to use this advanced material in worldwide especially in Europe and USA.

There’s a lot more demand for affordable housing in all over the world, therefore, to overcome the sustainability issues, woodworking honchos are solely adopting the concept of mass timber as it is cost-effective, highly efficient, and local solution. It is also considered as the local solkution to emerge and revolutionise how the construction industry approaches urban housing development.

Mass timber, also known as engineered wood, encompasses an array of structural products that are made up of multiple layers of lumber laminated together to form solid panels, beams, and columns.

Renowned as an all-purpose, sturdy, and renewable material, mass timber provides an excellent alternative to traditional building materials like concrete and steel. In recent years, it’s started to receive nationwide recognition, with expanded building codes and government support allowing for greater adoption by owners and developers.

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