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Schmalz brings ergonomic solutions with low ceiling

Published on : Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Lifting becomes a challenge when the ceiling is too low for the movement of conventional crane system. Schmalz recently introduced a solution made out of modular flat jib to supports smooth movement of lifting in low height room. This aluminium based technology was made possible with Erkodent producers and makers of advanced dental technology.

The aluminum flat jib is based on the modular system for jib cranes. Compared to the conventional steel designs, the flat solution reduces the overall height of the new jib by up to 96 millimeters. With it, lifting devices may be suspended up to 340 millimeters higher than a standard aluminum jib with no increase in the overall height. “Thanks to the extra flat jib, the crane fits under the ventilation shafts and media lines and still leaves enough working space for the tube lifter,” Weiß notes. Not only the minimal height convinced Erkodent: The modular aluminum construction was less expensive and could also be assembled more quickly. Instead of being mounted on the ceiling, the column-mounted jib crane with its four-meter-long jib is safely mounted on the floor with a base plate. “That means we can be even more flexible because we can theoretically use the crane at another assembly location,” the person responsible for the process adds.

The extra flat crane solution has been in use since February 2019. To give its employees the best support possible, Erkodent hung the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex 50 with a four-head suction cup fromi the flat jib. It can be used to pick up cardboard boxes weighing up to 50 kilograms and intuitively lift, lower, and release them with the main one-finger control. Stacking by serial number is also possible with no hassle thanks to the continuously rotatable handle. “Where our employees once needed to use all of their physical strength, they now essentially need only one hand,” Weiß summarizes. “The reduced workload is clearly noticeable. My colleagues and I are fitter and simply feel healthier,” Helmut Seeger confirms.

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