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KWB London praises HOMAG for seamless process

 Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The first UK lockdown became the right time for KWB London to make a major investment in HOMAG machinery. KWB London specialises in bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and concierge fit outs for the London contract residential market.

“As our business began to take off, we realised we had to invest in better, larger CNC machinery. So, in 2016, we visited the Ligna show to research the market. That was a real eye-opener for us, and we were particularly impressed with the breadth and depth of the HOMAG presentation”, explains KWB’s owner, Kevin Behan.

“Before approaching HOMAG we analysed our production processes. We highlighted the machinery we felt we needed to create a workshop that would not only produce the right volume and quality for our customers, but also enable us to grow the business.

“Our plant wish-list included a beam saw with an automated panel lifter, an edge bander, a vertical CNC drill and a carcass press. Working closely with the HOMAG team we finalised our order for a SAWTEQ B-130 with panel lifter, an EDGETEQ S-300, a DRILLTEQ V-200 and a CABTEQ S-250.

“It’s very disruptive, changing your whole 10,500 sq. ft. workshop with new equipment, but HOMAG’s installation organisation and planning was excellent. From the moment we placed the order for the kit, they kept us informed of the delivery time frame. True to their word, their engineers installed all the machinery at the end of September, and I must say, they did an amazing job.

“The engineers weren’t precious, they just cracked on with installing the new machines. This enabled us to get on with our day-to-day production with minimal disruption; it really was a seamless process.

“Within a week all the machines were commissioned, and the engineers then trained our guys on site. This was supported by online training via Teams prior to the installation. HOMAG will also be providing refresher courses and advanced training online as and when we need it.”

“Aside from the quality and performance of the HOMAG machinery and easy to use woodWOP software, another deciding factor in partnering with them was the level of service and support they offer.

“HOMAG has its own team of engineers in the UK and consequently is able to provide an exceptional level of service. Not only that, but our research showed they also hold a comprehensive stock of spare parts. So, in the unusual event of a machine issue, they will be able to get us back up and running very quickly, and that is vitally important to us.

“Obviously, with five machines and software, this was a significant investment for a £5.5 million business like ours, but again, HOMAG was able to help. They introduced us to HOMAG Finance, who made it very easy for us putting together an attractive investment package.”

“The new equipment has revolutionised our production; we are seeing efficiency gains 30 per cent higher than before, particularly with the automated SAWTEQ B-130 beam saw and the EDGETEQ S-300 edge bander. For example, on the new edge bander we can change between tape thicknesses, widths and diameter of radii without having to stop the machine; it’s all done at the touch of a button.

“There are hidden benefits too; when we invite potential customers to our facility the image the HOMAG equipment creates is hugely beneficial. It gives clients confidence that we can achieve the results they want and so it is definitely helping us to clinch contracts.

“Our employees too have gained in stature; they see they are in a truly professional environment and consequently have gained a deeper sense of pride in their work,” concludes Kevin Behan.

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