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HOMAG to celebrate 25 years of window production technology

 Friday, March 22, 2024

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HOMAG – the leading partner for their customers in the field of window production for 25 years is happy to announce that they will celebrate 25 years of achievement in window production technology! HOMAG is inviting everyone to be a part of this grand occassion – HOMAG Technology Days in Schopfloch, Germany from April 16 to 17, 2024.

What visitors can look forward to?

State-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions

Discover our solutions for automated window production along the process chain – supported by strong partners on topics such as cutting, planing, sanding, accessories and software.

Feedback from the field

Listen to exciting reports from the field. Leading German and international companies provide insights into their solution expertise and share their experiences.

From experts for experts

Look forward to informative specialist presentations on solutions and innovations in window production.

Integrated solutions for window production

HOMAG wants to shorten the waiting time before the upcoming event and therefore, they are eager to provide valuable contents specifically on the subject: window production.

New aesthetic requirements and increasingly customised window designs demand a solution. HOMAG offers new perspectives, the necessary technology and a high degree of flexibility for the window production of tomorrow.

Innovations at a glance

CENTATEQ P-310: With the CENTATEQ P-310, once can benefit from versatility and high performance. It effortlessly masters panel and solid wood processing and supports in the production of windows with round arches.

CENTATEQ S-800: With the CENTATEQ S-800 or CENTATEQ S-900, one can rely on automated window production – from entry-level to individual system concepts for industrial multi-shift operation. These solutions work autonomously thanks to automated loading and unloading.

CENTATEQ P-500: Driving portal machining centers with heavy SORB TECH mineral cast machine bed. Extensive configuration options for high performance for the manufacture of windows, special elements and supplementary products.

Gluing technology in window production

Use of adhesive tape

The tape is applied to the raw wood surface. A special primer ensures a permanent hold.
All common types of wood in window construction have been successfully tested in this regard. The weak point of an additional layer of lacquer in the glass rebate has been eliminated.


Primer and adhesive tape application

The TapeLine from HOMAG applies the primer and the adhesive tape in one go – optimally dosed and precisely positioned. Also, the TapeLine can be modularly adapted to any size of company and also integrated into production lines.

Overall concepts for window production: For HOMAG-Systems

So, if you are interested to get amazed, HOMAG Technology Days is just for you!

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