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Coral at the forefront for Green Transition in Italy

 Thursday, May 9, 2024

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The Italian government has allocated 13 billion euro for the transition of companies to Industry 5.0. Similarly like other European countries, Italy is also seeking to give a new boost to competitiveness by encouraging the adoption of green and digital systems, for the “Transition 5.0 Plan.” This is proposed by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and allocated by the Italian government for the two-year period 2024/2025. Coral products and systems fit perfectly into this framework. Cleaning the air of polluting emissions and disposing of them in a sustainable way today is more than a duty: it is a mission.

In a two-year period in which the world geo-economic order will inevitably have to find new balances, this pro-business maneuver could prove decisive in breaking the stalemate and regaining momentum.

The digital and green transition involves an automated system of tax credits without prior assessments or discrimination related to company size or location. The stated goal is to incentivize investment in tangible and intangible assets to achieve a minimum 3 percent reduction in production-related energy consumption.

In fact, it would involve:

Thus, for Italian companies, this is an opportunity not to be missed to gain a triple benefit:

Coral products and systems enable the achievement of all of the above benefits.

Thanks to Coral’s air extraction and filtration systems, Italian companies will be able to remove all forms of pollutants (from fine dust and noxious fumes to oil mists and potentially explosive gases) from their indoor environment, enabling their clean and sustainable disposal.

Coral products and systems can be equipped with the innovative AHead system, which, thanks to a simple and intuitive touch-screen interface applied directly to the filter, enables real-time remote monitoring of plant performance to optimize energy consumption and resolve any anomalies in automatic, reactive and predictive modes.

Coral systems are designed and built to last with minimal maintenance, are self-cleaning through integrated compressed-air or electromechanical systems, and consume an extremely low amount of energy through the use of state-of-the-art electric motors built into the fans.

Coral has always maintained that the future of the industry is “green”-this is an unprecedented opportunity to make a quantum leap in both production and the environment.

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