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Solid World brings first saw-dust 3d printer to Italy

 Monday, June 26, 2023

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SolidManufacturing, the business unit of Solid World Group, will begin distribution in Italy of the first 3D printer that uses wood powder as an additive material.

Solid World Group S.p.A. (ticker S3D), parent of a leading digital technologies, 3D printing and additive manufacturing Group, announces that it has begun distribution in Italy of the first 3D printer that uses sawdust as an additive material. SolidManufacturing, a Group business unit based in Bentivoglio (BO), will oversee distribution.

The 3D printer model is the “Shop System Forust Edition” from the US Company Desktop Metal, the first in the world capable of using sawdust. Using a combination of two wood industry by-products, namely lignin and sawdust, the machine can produce isotropic and sustainable wooden parts from waste materials deriving from trees used, for example, in house construction and furnishing components.

Among the most significant areas of use is the automotive industry, where the 3D printer can be used to make wooden parts for car interiors. The printer also allows objects or components to be produced for consumer sectors, interior design, furniture and musical instruments. Print management and design is digitized using Desktop Metal’s “ Shop System Forust Edition”: Solid World Group’s proprietary software allows both the design of parts to be printed and management of the additive manufacturing process, meaning the user is free to create the part and manufacture it according to their needs.

The first company in Italy to use this innovative printer is Trentino Sviluppo SPA, a company in the Autonomous Province of Trento that provides business support, innovation and territorial marketing. It will be used at the laboratories of ProM Facility, the prototype development center at the Rovereto Mechatronics Hub, for industrial research and innovation activities and for prototyping components using this innovative technology. The printer is in the process of being installed and will be operational by early summer.

SolidWorld Group Chairperson Roberto Rizzo, “We have brought a highly innovative and unprecedented technology to Italy, one that is capable of making objects and components from wood processing waste material. It is a technology that therefore seeks to add value to a product that would otherwise be wasted, with a view to making production processes more sustainable. 3D printing technology can make a concrete contribution to improving Italian industry from the perspective of the circular economy.”

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