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FSC Forest Week campaign starts with fresh zeal

 Thursday, September 28, 2023

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The global “FSC Forest Week” campaign has started from September 23 and will continue till September 29. Forest Week is a campaign initiated by the Forest Stewardship Council that highlights the benefits of sustainable forest management. Its aim is to draw the attention of entrepreneurs and consumers to how responsible forest management contributes to environmental protection, prevents the decline of biodiversity and mitigates climate change and the related negative phenomena. More than 100 companies that are FSC license holders, have participated in the Polish edition the campaign this year. The participants are making the best use of the opportunity to come together with FSC to built social awareness about the importance of forests for people and the planet.

The global FSC Forest week campaign this year is under the slogan “Trust the power of the forest”. The campaign has aimed to highlight the powers of forest. Therefore, Karolina Tymorek, director of FSC in Poland said, “The world needs forests – we cannot imagine life on Earth without them. About two-thirds of the known terrestrial animal and plant species live in forests, making them one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. The campaign highlights the value of forest areas for all of us and how choosing certified products from sustainable sources can help create resilient forests for future generations.”

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international not-for-profit organization that sets standards for responsible forest management, taking into account social, natural and economic aspects. The campaign, which was held in 2018-2021 under the name FSC Friday, has been extended to a whole week. The campaign aims to inspire entrepreneurs and consumers to take pro-ecological actions, including: by selecting certified products. Certification confirms that the raw material was obtained from forests managed responsibly, with respect for the environment and the rights of local communities.

Every year, entrepreneurs and other organisations – FSC license holders – get involved in the campaign. They include small family businesses as well as large retail chains representing a number of different industries, including those directly related to wood, such as furniture, papermaking, packaging, publishing, food products, building materials, telecommunications and even toys. The scope of activities promoting the campaign includes pro-ecological activities involving not only employees, but also local communities and consumers – recipients of products from forests.

To support the campaign’s participants in communication, FSC has prepared and made available materials encouraging people to take care of forests and share knowledge with others. Participants have at their disposal a set of ready-made information and educational materials that can be placed in their offices or stores, as well as published in social media, on websites and on the intranet. Partners are encouraged to organise webinars and stationary meetings devoted to forestry. This is done to enhance the possibilities for expansion of knowledge about the importance of sustainable management of forest resources and responsible consumer choices. Popular and interesting quizzes and competitions are also prepared for the interested ones.

The companies with bare minimum states can support the development of forests that contribute to combating climate change, protect diversity and improve the well-being of local communities. FSC Forest Week is a great opportunity for companies to communicate their commitment to sustainable development to a wide range of consumers and consumers.

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