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Sodra pledges on “A Fossil-free Sodra”

 Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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Sodra has pledged to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 while still being a net generator of power, and in this regard, the brand has initiated a project. The company has officially confirmed in launching a significant initiative to help electrify the operation’s transportation. A new programme will investigate the future viability of using loaders, forklifts, and trucks powered by electricity to further reduce the association’s emissions from fossil fuels.

Large-scale electrification an important piece of the puzzle

The fleet and operation of vehicles going electric is a logical next stage in this process. Electric forklifts at the Varo and Lngasjo sawmills are among the mills’ fleet of vehicles that already run on electricity. Sodra is starting a project for the extensive electrification of internal and external transportation as this work moves into the next phase. Large scale electrification of logging and chip trucks in Sodra’s own haulage business as well as vehicles at mills are parts of the planned project. It will furthermore clarify which cars and charging technologies are approapriate for Sodra’s own haulage company. The project also examines how electrification might proceed safely and how future business models should be developed to foster the ideal environment for extensive electrification. The objective is to electrify a sizable portion of the fleet of vehicles and further cut emissions from fossil fuels. From the forests of Södra members to the mills, 1,000 heavy road shipments travel each day. The mills are, moreover, running at historically high levels.

“Södra is one of Sweden’s largest freight purchasers and transportation accounts for the largest share of our fossil-fuel emissions. This is why large-scale electrification is an important piece of the puzzle, together with liquid biofuel, to reduce our fossil-fuel emissions and to further contribute to society’s climate transition,” said Henrik Brodin, who is Head of Energy and responsible for the ‘A Fossil-free Södra’ project.

External truck transportation has a longer time horizon, involves more operators, and has different requirements of business models. Strategic partners and Södra’s own haulage operations will be the driving forces behind these improvements. The initiative, which is a component of “A Fossil-free Södra,” will last until 2025. After then, the goal is to continue the change as part of routine business.

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