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Robatech launches “GreenSaver”

 Thursday, October 19, 2023

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Under the motto “You don’t need much. Just the right thing“, Robatech offers GreenSaver, the new programme which provides users with a detailed overview of the measures which produce the best savings in the gluing process.

Rising energy prices, increasing shortages of raw materials and worrying supply bottlenecks are weighing down on companies. Robatech realised that in the area of adhesive application it is possible to cope with this situation and to improve one’s own degree of sustainability with targeted cost-saving measures. “We will save you up to 30 percent on adhesive. How? Check the section and length of the glue paths. Are they correct? Would stitching mode be possible in your production? And is the adhesive only applied where it is needed? By analysing your answers, we will be able to help you limit adhesive consumption by up to a third.

“In practical terms – concludes Robatech – we will act as follows: an on-site inspection will be carried out together with one of our experts, during which an eight-point report will be drawn up comprising an analysis of resources, the current state of the adhesive application system, the process parameter settings and the resulting gluing quality, an evaluation of the quantity of adhesive used, an analysis of the current energy efficiency, compressed air consumption and workplace safety standards, and finally a study of system availability. You will then receive a clear plan of action to reduce costs and improve your sustainability balance. Do you need more details to decide on concrete measures? Ask for a meeting and you will then be able to accurately estimate the effort and return.

Let us advise you. Your Robatech expert will explain to you which measures have the greatest leverage to implement the desired measures quickly and without complications“.

Robatech optimises the industrial application of hot and cold glue with sustainable and innovative adhesive application systems.

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