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Koskisen reveals its targeted growth strategy

 Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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Koskisen reveals its targeted growth strategy

Koskisen, a popular name in the woodworking industry sets its path and aims to move towards sustainable growth while preparing itself for forthcoming challenges. The company currently aims to increase its net sales to EUR 500 million in the course of specifying its strategic growth paths and related measures fir the strategic period 2024-2027. At the core of the specified strategy are 1) creating value for customers, 2) developing current operations and 3) taking bold steps.

To create value for our customers, Koskisen plans to help them in the fight against climate change to adapt to the future with the products and services. With the aim to serve the customers even better, the company will improve its offering to cater to the changing needs of the new customer groups.

Koskisen also aims to be the most attractive employer in the sector. The company plans to work on its belief, that the machines will not keep running without the entire Koskisen community’s efforts springing from well-being and vitality. It is for this reason that they plan to encourage continuous development of all its current operations in a diverse way.

Besides creating value for the customers, employees and shareholders, the company also aim to change the world and the industry for a better future. Therefore, it is about to take bold steps towards sustainable growth and a circular bioeconomy. It is investing in the development of its operations, while expanding the existing production line.

Wood-wise is at the core of our operations

By wood-wise, Koskisen mean to consider the forest, the people connected to Koskisen’s operations as well as society as partners in our operations. It uses wood entrusted to it thoroughly and constantly improve its ability to use wood with uncompromising piety. With all its expertise and efforts its successfully satisfies the growing demand of the global wood product market.

“The specified strategy supports Koskisen’s previously set growth leap by the end of 2027. The completed comprehensive strategy work provides the company with a clear direction for implementing this sustainable growth”, says CEO Jukka Pahta.

Koskisen’s financial targets by the end of 2027 remain unchanged and are:
· revenue of EUR 500 million, including both organic and inorganic growth
· adjusted EBITDA margin averaging 15% over the cycle
· maintaining a strong balance sheet
· attractive dividend of at least one-third of the net profit each year

Finnish forests have valuable treasures to offer the world. Koskisen strive to meet the demand generated by changing consumption choices with its quality products. The demand of the products are large, therefore Koskisen is boosting its strategies that are driven by the green transition, urbanisation as well as the development of commerce and transport. All its aims and strategies set, Koskisen plans to move forward with its success and partners.

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