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DIEFFENBACHER extends support for wood fibre insulation studies

 Tuesday, May 14, 2024

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DIEFFENBACHER extends support for wood fibre insulation studies

With the use of its expertise, DIEFFENBACHER has successfully delivered a 120-meter-long flash tube dryer to the Laboratory for Wood Materials Technology at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences (TH Rosenheim). This new equipment is a needful addition needed for conducting the research on drying and gluing hardwood fibers used to produce biopolymer-bound wood fiber insulation materials.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Michanickl, Head of the Laboratory for Wood Materials Technology at TH Rosenheim pointed out that the new DIEFFENBACHER fiber dryer is specially designed for drying hardwood fibers and the use of biopolymers, i.e., adhesives made from renewable raw materials or residual materials. He confirms the fact that the fibre dryer will significantly accelerate our research. He further adds that the new facility more closely simulates the industrial process. This significantly improved the transferability of the research in practice. He points out that the they will be able to make more accurate predictions about the scalability of the research with the use of fibre dryer DIEFFENBACHER fiber dryer.

“The primary aim of our research is to provide, test and optimise a process technology that enables the production of innovative, competitive biopolymer-bound wood fiber insulation materials based on hardwood fibers,” reports Thomas Schmid, the university research assistant responsible for the project. “We expect these hardwood-based fiber insulation materials will be at least equivalent to softwood-based products but cheaper to produce,” he adds. The cost savings would come from the lower costs for the hardwood raw material and its lower moisture content, the lower electrical and thermal energy requirements for the production of fibers from hardwood and the optimized process technology.

The new drying system will be used to further optimize the production of wood fiber insulation materials and similar products. “Thanks to the great support from DIEFFENBACHER, we now have a globally unique complete plant for developing and testing wood fiber-based materials at TH Rosenheim,” Prof. Dr. Michanickl concludes.

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