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Revolutionary automated gluing solutions from Robatech technology

 Monday, June 26, 2023

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Gluing with cobots is the future of adhesive applications that is now a reality with the latest Robatech technology.  Cobots and people move in a common workflow. The cobot applies adhesive to a part in a programmed movement pattern. The staff performs manual tasks such as placing and pressing parts on bonded surfaces or placing new parts in position for the cobot.

Compared to a hand applicator, cobots apply the adhesive faster and more accurately. Always in the exact quantity and at the exact position. For applying adhesive to non-regular components, collaborating robots can be equipped with a dosing head, such as the Primo. This way dead spots – spots without adhesive application – are avoided and the application of too much adhesive to a component is prevented. This is important for the reliable adhesion of the parts after completion or assembly. Compared to industrial robots, cobot programming is relatively simple, making it easier for companies to opt for partial or full automation.

Recently, automation in Asia is increasing at an incredible rate. It is also undisputed that small and medium-sized enterprises in the Western Hemisphere need to reduce their operating costs and increase their unit quantities in order to remain competitive in the market. Cobots make it easy to implement partial automation. A robot reduces downtime, enables continuous operation and closes production and personnel gaps caused by the ongoing shortage of skilled workers.

However, one may rely on the fact that the adhesive application systems can be combined with different cobot systems.

In view of the increasing competitive pressure, partial or full adhesive application automation with cobots is gaining importance.

So, considering the idea of automating adhesive application via cobots, is the future of gluing and ensures perfection in the manufacturing industry.

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