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Raute brings game-changing log scanning solutions

Published on : Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Raute Smart Scan HD is a block scanning and centering system that is compatible with any peeling line on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Smart Scan HD, the next- generation log scanning system from Raute, is a game-changer in its own right when it comes to raw material savings in the green end, optimising algorithms according to customer needs with shorter peel-to-peel times and less lathe-charging failures. Solutions like this provide higher quality and efficiency in plywood manufacturing.

Next-generation improvements

“The new Smart Scan HD is based on well-known and proven Smart Scan XY+ but has a remarkably higher scanning resolution in the longitudinal and tangential directions”, describes Mika Hyysti, Vice President of Technology at Raute Finland. Especially with small log diameters, accurate centering is critical in order to maximize the recovery of the peeling line. “The most important feature of Smart Scan HD is that the log can be scanned while it is lifted. This offers COE-790 owners the possibility to benefit from the most modern XY-optimizing technology available.” says Hyysti. “Other improvements are the more flexible and quicker installation thanks to the wide scanning range of the laser sensors and the more attractive and intuitive user interface not to mention the electrical components which are all commercially available.” Like its predecessor, the Smart Scan HD can be installed on all kinds of lathe decks.

The Smart Scan HD is based on the latest technology available. User-friendly interface of the Smart Scan HD supports Windows 7, and is easily installable to any Windows 7 computer on the same network. “It allows multiple user interfaces simultaneously on line, for example at the control cabin door, at the lathe operator room, at the maintenance room and at the remote site for remote diagnostics”, describes Hyysti.

The Smart Scan HD has a patented auto-calibration option. Raute has installed two Smartscan HDs now running at Moelven, Sweden and Plum Creek, United States. At Plum Creek the Smartscan HD was included in a modernization project where the automation of the old COE lathe deck was replaced with an Allen Bradley CLX based control system by Raute.

Smart Scan HD will fit all customer and raw material needs around the world and is expected to bring improvement for North American plywood manufacturing. Its large installation base will ensure a long life time and support.

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