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New AXYZ Woodworker CNC router- a revolutionary solution for high-volume woodworking production

 Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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It’s been a long road of product design, building, testing, and now, launching. We’re very excited to announce AXYZ’s latest CNC Router: the all-new Woodworker!

Designed to revolutionise the woodworking industry, this powerful all-in-one solution is engineered for fast and effortless high-volume cabinetry and furniture production. With its customised machine configuration and a range of specially developed options, the Woodworker offers furniture and cabinet makers a clean and efficient manufacturing process.

Features of the New Woodworker CNC Router:

Versatile Process Areas

The Woodworker boasts a wide variety of process areas that can accommodate all standard sheet sizes, with a remarkable 10″ high gantry clearance. This flexibility makes it easy to use with accessories such as vacuum pods or a rotary axis device, enhancing productivity and precision.

Exceptional Performance

Equipped with powerful direct servo drives and helical racks, the Woodworker delivers outstanding performance, high-speed cutting, and impeccable finishes across a wide range of wood types. It excels even with phenolic-based products like High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

Multiple Spindle Configurations

The Woodworker offers a choice of a single 5, 10, or 15HP HSD spindle, allowing users to tailor their setup to match specific production requirements. Additionally, a 9-position drill bank can be added to the multi-head configuration for faster and more productive operations.

Efficient Tool Changing

With a selection of 7, 10, 14, or 21 position automatic tool changers, the Woodworker ensures fast and efficient tool changes, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Advanced Dust Collection

The router features a high-volume 4″ dust collection system, complemented by an oversized dust boot, high-flow manifold, and hose management system. This comprehensive setup effectively collects both large chips and fine dust, maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

Automated Label Printing

The Woodworker offers an optional AXYZ Automated Label Printer (ALP), simplifying the identification of parts during the final assembly process. This integrated solution streamlines operations and enhanced overall efficiency.

Rotary Axis Equipment

For machining complex parts requiring 360° rotation, the WOODWORKER offers optional rotary axis equipment. This feature expands the router’s capabilities and enables the production of intricate and precise parts.

When it comes to furniture and cabinet making, the AXYZ Woodworker is the ultimate CNC solution, AXYZ has put extensive effort into developing a machine that seamlessly combines power, versatility, and precision to meet the unique needs of woodworking professionals. AXYZ is confident that the Woodworker will revolutionise the industry by delivering exceptional performance and transforming production processes.

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