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Modvion makes wood – an important element for Wind Turbines

 Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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Wood is renewable and recyclable – everybody knows that. Compared with competing materials such as metal, plastics, stone, and concrete, wood offer a series of benefits. Responsible behaviour is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Therefore, nowdays from builders to manufactures opt for an ultimate solution that focuses on sustainability. Modvion believes in a simple way to improve sustainability in producing wind turbines by utilising more wood products or specifically wood.

Wood can make wind turbines even greener. In the forests of western Sweden, a turbine of the future is taking cues from windmills of the past in a quest to be greener. A giant crane hoists a 40-ton chunk of turbine tower almost 200 feet (60 meters) in the air and then places it atop a half-finished structure. What’s different about this project is that it isn’t made from the usual ingredient: steel.

This will be the world’s tallest turbine of timber when completed in the coming weeks, and then it will be sold to a utility supplying clean energy to local homes and factories.

“The world is facing a climate crisis, and we need to switch energy sources,” Chief Executive Officer Otto Lundman said after watching the lift. “Wind power is one of the most efficient and attractive that we have. We increase that value further.” He added further.

While the blades and the machinery are industry standard equipment, the approach has attracted interest from some of Europe’s biggest energy companies. Vestas Wind Systems A/S bought 15% of the firm after seeing a smaller demonstration model, and Italy’s Enel Green Power SpA reached a cooperation agreement. Sweden’s Vattenfall AB is a partner, and Germany’s RWE AG signed a letter of intent in March to use Modvion’s wooden towers in future projects.

“We expect our collaboration to increase,” said Todd O’Neill, chief executive officer of Vestas Ventures. “Many of our customers have proactively inquired to learn how they can be a part of Modvion’s journey.” He concluded.

The planet’s original building material is making a comeback in the net zero age!

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